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Fw: [Impeach_Obama_Now] Marxist Revolution Oil Spill

What do you think? Any evidence for this ?
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Was Venezuela Behind the BP Oil Spill?


I found it very interesting that a Venezuelan gas rig mysteriously sank just one week after the BP oil rig explosion and it was blacked out by the media. Immediately, the media was reading the White House script handed to them, rather than reporting or investigating events that could lead to the real reasons why this catastrophe happened.

What made me come to this theory that a Venezuelan submarine (bought from the Russians) was behind this tragedy that killed 11 oil workers in the Gulf?

Well, websites that are supposedly linked to Russian FSB intelligence leaked stories that a North Korean submarine attacked the BP rig with a torpedo. Russian intelligence never releases the truth; they only release a cover story to hide the truth. This made me very suspicious and I kept an eye on this angle, rather than the mainstream media/White House script that was being spewed daily.

Hugo Chavez has spent billions on Russian weapons in recent years and at least 6 submarines were part of that purchase if I remember correctly. Venezuela is a Russian proxy and there is nothing more that Russia and China would like is to weaken the USA's oil drilling abilities via a crisis.
Did a Venezuelan submarine hit the BP oil rig with a torpedo and the USA retaliated against one of their gas rigs and this entire incident is being covered up? Why did the Russian KGB/FSB sites release that cover story blaming a North Korean submarine? We may never find out the truth to this entire incident folks.

Russia is the number one oil exporter in the world and it is interesting that none of their off shore oil rigs are blowing up. Russia passed Saudi Arabia over one year ago as the leading oil producer in the world, but we still hear the propaganda that Russia is weak, poor and our friend.

This spill is a blessing to the Marxist American environmental groups, because they are working for our enemies. It is their goal to weaken the USA as much as they can with lawsuits to prevent us from drilling, but Russia and China are drilling away off of the coast of Cuba and in the Gulf as well.
This spill is also a blessing for Obama, because it keeps the media off of the real issues like his ineligibility to be president and his radical left wing agenda. When is the last time that you heard about the health care takeover? They want the health care takeover erased from your memory just in time for the November elections and it is working like a charm.
This spill is also a blessing for Obama, because this crisis will be used as a tool for him to take over all oil drilling in the USA and the oil companies will be held hostage. This will drive up gas and all energy costs through the roof. The elite love this, because your car will not be in the way of their limousines any longer due to the fact that you can not afford the gas to drive on your little road trips.

The Gulf Oil Spill: The Perfect Distraction

Was the Oil Rig Explosion a Russian Spetsnaz Operation?




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Fw: [JewishLibertarians] CNN POLL ON ISRAEL, A public opinion, one click below to the web site and and it is done.


> Subj: CNN poll. Please vote as it is 60% against Israel at the moment
> Thank you


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