Thursday, May 23, 2013

10 Ways to Know that Black America Has Lost Its Mind Under Obama

10 Ways to Know that Black America Has Lost Its Mind Under Obama


The Your Black World team had a meeting and decided upon a few ways that we could tell that black America has lost it’s mind under President Obama. We don’t know which way is up or down, and it seems that good politics has been thrown out the window. So, here’s a list of ways that we know that black people have lost their minds over the last five years. No, the list is not meant to be funny:

1) If gay people, immigrants and women have an agenda, it’s considered good politics. When black people form an agenda, it’s considered to be an attack on the president.

2) When every black commentator on MSNBC and TheGrio always supports every policy put out by the Obama Administration. We expect that, pretty soon, they’ll all grow perms like Al Sharpton.

3) When anyone who questions the Obama Administration policies is called a hater, even if they voted for him.

4) When people just think that 14% black unemployment is business as usual, but 7% white unemployment is a crisis.

5) When Bush does something, it’s horrible, racist and criminal. But when Obama does the same thing, it’s considered good leadership

6) When people decided that “shut up and don’t bother the president” became a good political strategy

7) When a Republican says something racist, we go on the attack. When a Democrat says something racist, it’s all good.

8) When we give a politician 95% of the black vote and still think that we don’t have a right to ask for anything.

9) When black leaders and civil rights groups are more excited about fighting for gay marriage than they are for racial equality.

10) When a president can tell a group of black men at Morehouse that “nobody cares if you were discriminated against,” but then says that he does care when a woman says she was s-xually assaulted or a gay man says that he was bullied.

Don’t get mad at us for telling the truth. You know that what we’re saying is right.


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