Thursday, May 23, 2013

Muslims Flooding Into San Francisco

The current count is that 250,000 Muslims live in the S.F. Bay Area,  within 30 minutes drive of my home.  Literally within walking distance.  There are so many relocated Muslims living on my block, and hanging out at the park across the street that I have lost count.  I no longer even try.  I see walking in front of my home at least a half dozen very distinct forms of traditional dress for Muslim women.  Mosques identified as such are functioning every couple of miles from my home, in every direction, and within close proximity to virtually every community college and university around here, and we have a lot of them. 


A conservative estimate is that 10% are true believers following the Salafis traditions  who believe that killing a Jew is a ticket to their heaven.


Another fact is that now 25% of all humanity are Muslim, under the age of 35 and prolific.  And this in just about 1400 years.  Really a rather short period in history. 

I am a rather outspoken Jew in the area of Islamist domestic terrorism, and at least 25,000 barbarians believing in 10th century sharia are within walking distance of my home.  There were virtually no traditionally dressed Muslim women in my neighborhood 6 or 7 years ago.


Where I live, here in the Sunnyvale, California area called Silicon Valley, one in every 20 women going into Costco on Saturdays has their heads covered, most of the time with children.  Many more younger Muslims do not cover their heads. 

Am I missing something? What is the rational conclusion when extrapolating the facts?  I believe we need to understand the implications of these demographics.  Please stop responding with the impractical recommendations for me to move.


I believe we must think ahead 10 or 20 years and begin preparing now.  I also don’t really know what to expect, but the trend is clear.  I think the best we can do is stop the spread of sharia in America, and pray for Israel.  I doubt that our current Administration will have Israel’s back.   


(Beck Diefenbach / Special to The Chronicle) Men pray in the Ibrahim Khalilullah Islamic Center on Friday, May 17, 2013 in Fremont, Calif.

The Bay Area boasts one of the highest concentrations of Muslims in any metropolitan area in the United States, with almost 250,000 making up 3.5 percent of the region’s population, according to a study by the Santa Clara University Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.

Of that Muslim population, 37 percent live in Alameda County. At least 67 percent can speak three languages. More than 60 percent do volunteer work.

The group is diverse and vibrant, and a better understanding of its makeup is necessary in fostering a working community, the study’s authors say. 

Muslims become part of Bay Area fabric

Beck Diefenbach, Special To The Chronicle

M. Yahya Askarzada (left), executive officer of Fremont's Ibrahim Khalilullah Islamic Center, greets others after prayer.

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These are my neighbors in Silicon Valley, CA.

Behind the green plants in the back of this image is a shopping center parking lot with women dressed fully in black exposing only their eyes, looking through the hedge.

What starts in the S.F. Bay Area jurisdiction of Sen. Feinstein, Rep. Pelosi, Rep Eshoo, et al, spreads throughout California, and then is legislated in Congress to affect the rest of America.


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