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Obama- No Honor, No Code



Obama- No Honor, No Code 


By Randy Taylor


21 May 2013: I don't write editorials much anymore, yet felt compelled this

fine day to share some thoughts with the readers here at this website. I

admire people like my friend Doug Hagmann who relentlessly give their time

and effort to keep people informed on the website and on the airwaves as one

of their missions in life. The man is relentless in his pursuit of truth and

that is why he is one of my best friends in this world. As to writing, I

don't have the time and quite frankly, it is pure frustration that wears on

us mere mortals both mentally and physically.


Having done quite a bit of counter-terrorism work in years past, this type

work therefore putting me in close and regular contact with multiple levels

of the US government while doing such, I know a lot of their deep, dirty

secrets. This comes from having witnessed Benghazi style incompetence and

political misappropriations that have needlessly cost lives over the last

decade, many that the public know nothing about, nor will they ever learn of

these things through any government admissions or public records.

Incompetence is one thing yet purposely forsaking and abandoning Americans

that are in harm's way is entirely a different matter, especially when it

has political and what may be deemed criminal motives behind it.


I'd like to be clear on something. It's not so much the people at field

level or even one or two levels above that. The problem lies with the top

echelon, the ones that answer directly to the top level of government in the

United States. The people I have dealt with were for the most part,

genuinely patriotic Americans that wanted to do the right thing yet often

found their hands tied.


The Code


There is a code, an unwritten yet openly spoken rule in the military and as

Americans that we do not leave people on the battlefield or in harm's way if

we can help it in any way. If we are living, breathing and have ANY

resources available to us, we engage those that seek to kill or harm our

brothers. This was drilled into us when I was served in the US Military and

it was one of the factors that helped soldiers be fearless when under fire.

You were either going to die achieving your objective or if you were

wounded, you would not be abandoned to die.


Obama, whose entire life and background is questionable and unverified is

not a true American, never served in any military capacity so this

dishonest, crooked (not much more than any Chicago gangster) wouldn't feel

the need or obligation to honor the code. Plus in Benghazi it was his way of

doing away with a problem, a State Department personnel problem, and did it

in such a manner that he could easily blame it on someone else. In this case

he chose to blame a video, call it a demonstration or protest gone wrong

when in fact it was a well coordinated terrorist attack against Americans.


Barack Hussein Obama is not worthy of the office he currently holds hostage.

This man has no code, no honor and has opted to openly lie about his role in

Benghazi and the decisions made where our people were brutally murdered and

our ambassador was tortured and raped by Muslim homosexuals which is more

common than you think when they wish to degrade and dishonor male (and

female) captives of all ages. The Muslims speak out against homosexuality in

public when quoting their BS piece of propaganda which is called the Quran,

yet in private when degrading prisoners they engage in prison style

homosexual gang rape quite frequently. This is just yet another fallacy and

contradiction practiced in the Muslim faith, among others contradiction's in

this evil cult of death that our Commander in Chief so adores. Rape is a

master tool within the Islamic culture and "religion". I won't spend any

more time describing this Islamic garbage as we that have an education above

age 9 fully understand this filth called Islam.


The Obama Benghazi Cover up


Obama failed our American citizens that night, as he made the final

decisions that night as they would require his permissions since Libya is a

hotspot in terrorism as well as an underground marketplace where the

administrations black market arms deals with Syrian rebels, financed by a

wicked cast of characters, state sponsored and personally sponsored,

occurred and still occur. The people in the State Department are merely

mouthpieces and pawns in the White House international chess game. No

worries, as even if they get prosecuted, terminated or whatever, as long as

they don't sell out Obama personally, their financial futures are secured.

They have been instructed through channels from the White House and Justice

Department to weather the upcoming Benghazistorm, keep their mouths shut as

to implicating the ones truly responsible and in such a manner that they

know it could ultimately put them in a Vince Foster or Ron Brown type

position if they don't. This goes without saying. There are multiple layers

of deniability built in between the administration and the scandal as there

always has been. Anyone who follows history knows this to be true.

Eventually, the truth leaks out somewhere however it is so diluted and

presented as just another theory that it goes unnoticed by most.


The Contracted Hit on Stevens


Here is how I surmise that it played out. The deal to protect the

governments layers of liars within the State Department didn't happen with

Mr. Stevens when he questioned and objected to what he must have felt were

questionable deals being made with al Qa'ida and the other key players in

the region as far as arms, supplies and munitions going to elements in

Syria, the US proxy terrorist army that is attempting to overthrow Assad.

Ambassador Stevens, who was not an overly complicated man, obviously didn't

like what he was seeing, especially the massive amounts of American made

weapons that were being moved into terrorists hands. Stevens was on the

ground, in the middle of all these illegal arms transfers and knew far too



Unfortunately he voiced his opinion and opposition to what had been ordered

and it got him killed. Republican Congress members investigating this matter

should insist on seeing all emails and phone conversations between Stevens,

members of the State Department, Clinton and the White House in the 18

months prior to the attack if they wish to establish motive for Steven's

death. Yes, and the real conversations between the real players that fateful

night. I would also focus heavily on the phone call or calls between Hillary

Clinton and our unaccounted for Commander-in-Chief Obama that occurred on

the night of the attack, at around 10:00pm.


The plan to kill Ambassador Stevens was most likely communicated through

channels to Abdelhakim Belhadj, the leader of the al Qa'ida forces in Libya

(LIFG), who in turn promptly moved terrorists already in the area to take

down the embassy (hut) in Benghazi that night. Their orders were to make

sure Stevens never got out alive. We know that there were and still are

large numbers of al Qa'ida militants in Libya as they were also instrumental

in bringing down Gadaffi and his government, also supported by the US. This

person, Abdelhakim Belhadj is on the American payroll, so the hit was easy

enough to arrange.


This lie about Libyans carrying him to the local hospital where he died of

smoke inhalation is just that, a bold faced lie. Mr. Steven's desecrated,

beaten and raped body was delivered to the hospital after he was dead. One

must understand that Mr. Stevens had become a huge liability for the White

House and had to be murdered.


The Roosters coming home to roost


Oh, don't be shocked Mr. and Mrs. American citizen taxpayer, as this is the

same type deal of using Islamic extremists to do our bidding much like the

deal we had with Osama bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam in Afghanistan in the

early 80's, where we practiced the old adage of "the enemy of my enemy is my

friend", at least when it serves our foreign policy objectives. Problem is

that we get into these deals and have no exit strategy as to how to severe

the relationship in a manner that won't come back and bite us in the ass.

The deals with Osama bin Laden and Azzam should have been concluded with a

.45 slug in the head after the Soviets left the region. Not a good selling

point on future deals, but it would have saved thousands of lives over the

past three decades.


Big difference in the Libya dealings was that the al Qa'ida terrorists had

already taken thousands of American lives, which didn't sit right with Mr.

Stevens as he became aware that this so called "Free Syrian Army" and Libyan

Islamic Fighting Group were actually primarily al Qa'ida affiliated and

staffed. In Afghanistan in the 1980's the future intent of al Qa'ida was

unproven yet predictable, whereas in Libya it was already known that they

are an enemy of the US and the free world. However, the United States

government has chosen them as allies in their wishes to topple Middle

Eastern leaders.


Not the first Foreign Diplomat murdered after prior warnings


I was doing internet research with regard to tracking and monitoring the

Jihadist threat long before anyone realized the importance and true validity

of it. Nowadays you have various organizations that monitor the internet

jihad and al Qa'ida password protected forums, chat rooms and file

repositories, yet most of these didn't come into existence until years after

I had already infiltrated and established myself in these password protected

and highly screened venues used by various Islamic terrorist groups. I took

a lot of ridicule and patronization from intelligence and law enforcement

when I first attempted to convey what I was finding on the internet. After

much frustration I finally was able to get some people to listen and to this

day this avenue of monitoring jihadist activity is now seen as a viable

source of open source intelligence. Back in the day however, it wasn't so

much what I would deem as open source as the information being collected in

2001-2003 often became classified intelligence after it was delivered to the

various receptive portals in the US government. I don't do it as much as I

used to and I certainly never benefitted from it financially to the degree

that many of the well known organizations that do it now seem to benefit.

Mine was more for love of country, not so much the financial gain. I was and

still remain quite good at it.


In early October of 2002, there were conversations being conducted online in

al Qa'ida password protected forums with regard to the plans to kill a US

diplomat in Amman Jordan. It was stated that he lived off compound with his

wife and dogs in a private residence. I did a simple Google Search and

decided that the most likely and easiest to access diplomat was Laurence

Foley, one of the diplomats who didn't reside at the US embassy and

maintained a private residence in Amman. This information was conveyed with

written copies of the forum posts to people I was dealing with in the

offices that were supposed to take this type of information seriously and

act upon it.


On October 28, 2002 Laurence Foley was assassinated outside his home in

Amman Jordan. Within a couple of days I was watching a homemade jihadist

video of the assassination which I turned over to authorities along with

some choice comments on their incompetence and failure to act on information

that I had provided them. I don't think that it was the same as Benghazi

with regard to the man being murdered by his own government, but I know it

was due to incompetence on the part of our intelligence and law enforcement

agencies. There is no question about that.


I only bring this up because Ambassador Stevens made requests to beef up

security in Benghazi and for whatever reason his requests were ignored. The

"embassy" that he was attacked in was no more fortified or any safer than a

typical residential dwelling. The exact type structure you reside in.


It is time to impeach Barack Hussein Obama


If I had the power or authority, immediate proceedings to impeach and remove

Barack Hussein Obama would be implemented as he has failed to protect and/or

murdered Americans and has chosen to lie about it. If it was found to be

murder or conspiracy to commit same, he should be punished to the fullest

extent of the law just as anyone else would be subject to. He has made a

complete mockery of the office, our country and what we stand for. For not

sending the available forces necessary to that crime scene and then lying

about it, that should, at the very least, be used as grounds for removing

him from office.


He has allied with and sold us out to our enemies, many, many times for the

sake of Islam. When the President of the United States of America would

rather show allegiance to Islam than to God, he needs to be removed.


Be safe. Stay vigilant.




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