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Radical Muslims Plan Bloodbath For American Kids


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Radical Muslims Plan Bloodbath For American Kids

by burkasrugly

Fellow infidels,

An area law enforcement officer gave a chilling and sobering presentation to members of ACT! for America (Jonesboro, AR chapter) last night (May 20, 2013).  He explained how terrorists may be targeting our children - Burkasrugly

PS: When you click on the captured al-Qaeda tapes link, make sure you give it a little more time than you normally do for it to load - Burkasrugly

Chief Joe Ruff spoke to the local ACT! for America chapter about what to do to keep safe if they ever encounter an active shooter. Ruff is the training director for the Shelby County (Greater Memphis area) Sheriff’s Department.The Shelby County Sheriff’s Department is the fifth largest sheriff’s department in the nation.

He specifically focused on school safety.  He pointed out that the attack by Chechnyan Muslims on the school in Beslan, Russia in 2004 was just a "dress rehearsal" for an attack on America's school children.  The Beslan terrorists savagely murdered 172 children at Beslan.

Ruff said that radical Muslims are not keeping their plans a secret.  Captured al-Qaeda tapes that were produced for internal use include topics such as kidnapping training and prisoner handling. Even though the information about this potential threat is known, many public officials have taken a "downplay, deny and deflect" position on this threat, seemingly hoping that it will go away if they pretend there is no threat.

However, al-Qaeda has said they have the right to kill millions of American children.  They have been video taped practicing school takeovers and issuing commands in English.  In fact, some radical Islamic religious literature condones killing children if it is done for the "general good."  Reportedly, target scouting and infiltration efforts have already occurred.  Floor plans for schools in Virginia, Texas, and New Jersey have been recovered from terrorists in Iraq.  There is no reason except one that these school plans would be in the hands of these savages.  They are targeting our children!!

Specifically, they plan simultaneous attacks at multiple schools or a Beslan-type of attack with fewer terrorists but better bombs.  Middle schools without a police presence are preferred because the girls are big enough to rape, but the boys, who naturally want to protect the girls, are too small to fight back.  The terrorists know that schools are staffed largely by females.

Additionally, preferred targets are in states that do not allow concealed carry of firearms, have no hunting culture, and where the police do not carry rifles.  Rural areas are favored because of the delayed response time for police to arrive in force.

The terrorists will most likely seize the school and initially kill every teacher and many of the students they see.  They will rape, murder and toss the bodies outside, as was done in Beslan.  Also, they will plant bombs throughout the school and on students.

Emergency responders and fleeing children will be blown up by car bombs in the parking lot.  It is estimated the 100-300 children could be killed on the first strike.  The terrorists are likely already here, many having crossed over the border with Mexico.

The terrorists will buy more time to kill more children by engaging in faux "negotiations."  They fully expect to fight and die there, not negotiate their way out.  School officials don't need to bury their heads in the sand.  They have to accept the fact that a terrorist attack can happen at their school.

Ruff stressed that an armed police presence in a school is a strong deterrent against attack, because the terrorists are willing to die, but they don't want to meet their 72 virgins without completing their tactical objective - the idea is to have a high body count.  Unarmed security in a school is pointless.

Since a terrorist can be anyone, including someone who is blonde and blue-eyed, citizens must be alert and aware of signs of surveillance on potential targets.  Terrorists always conduct recon and may use cameras and camcorders.  They plan extensively and like to do "dry runs."

For instance, in Miami two Saudi students who spoke English well climbed onto a school bus and refused to get off.  When the police arrived, they said they thought it was a public transit bus.  They were most likely seeing how long it took for police to respond.  Please be alert and report all suspicious activities to your local law enforcement agency.

This is a REAL threat and our school officials, police, and other officials should stop sticking their heads in the sand. They might cite "political correctness'  for their inaction, afraid to even let the words "radical Islam" pass over their lips, but political correctness should be (as ACT! for America president Brigitte Gabriele says) thrown in the garbage where it belongs.

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