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Throwing Down The Gauntlet On Obama



Throwing Down The Gauntlet On Obama

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Fellow Infidels,

This guest editorial first appeared in the Jonesboro Sun on Friday, May 17, 2013. It was written by former State Representative Jon Hubbard. Be sure to pay attention to what he has to say about the phenomenon known as ‘Chrislam’ which is a blending of Islam and Christianity. He has agreed to allow us to reprint the article here – Burkasrugly

Perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned as a result of the 2012 election was that you cannot expect to win, or even survive, a political campaign when you are totally committed to playing by the rules when your opponent refuses to do so. The same is true when it comes to saving our nation from the clutches of an obsessed, liberal-socialist-globalist agenda.

A little more than four years ago, the people of this country sat quietly by as we were informed that America was no longer a Christian nation. As a result, we have schools in our own state considering canceling graduation ceremonies because one person is offended by a Christian prayer during the program.

We see the continued observance of the traditional Christmas holiday being targeted by those who profess either no religion at all or a religion that demands jihad against non-believers. We see icons or references to our Christian faith being forcibly removed from public and even private buildings, while at the same time we are encouraged to recognize and observe the religious practices of those who say they are offended by the sight of a cross or any other symbol of the Christian faith.

And now, Christianity itself is being betrayed by many of those who were charged with sharing it with the rest of the world. We can take great comfort in the fact that many of our ministers today are very dedicated to preaching the truth, but unfortunately there are far too many ministers and pastors who refer to themselves as “Christian” leaders but who are more concerned with soft-pedaling the dismal conditions of this world and denying the brutal truth of what is going on all around us.

Some of these false teachers are even going so far as to believe they can work with Muslim leaders to combine Christianity with Islam into one compatible religion they call “Christlam.” This is like mixing oil and water together, and has absolutely no chance of success. I do not believe that my God has encouraged anyone to promote a partnership with any religion that beheads those who were witnesses of Jesus and for the word of God and who will live and reign with Christ for a thousand years after the tribulation, as described in Revelation Chapter 20 verse 4.

A few weeks ago Barack Obama publicly called upon his god to “bless” the abortion providers he so proudly refers to as Planned Parenthood. This led me to wonder which god he was praying to, because my God does not condone the outright murder of innocent, yet-to-be-born children.

When Obama was promoting the virtues of same-sex marriage, I couldn’t help but wonder where in the Holy Bible he found evidence to show that Jehovah God, the God of Abraham, Moses and Daniel, sanctified this abominable lifestyle? Then it became so very obvious that even if you tried, you could not sit down and write a script that would lead to the destruction of a nation better than this one as devised by Obama and his anti-American regime. And I fear that we haven’t even seen the worst part of it yet.

As the result of an ongoing Congressional hearing, the truth is finally beginning to come out about the Benghazi fiasco, thanks to courageous people who have come forward to expose yet another scandal of this Obama regime.

We are also now learning of the targeted attacks by Obama’s IRS Gestapo against not only tea party groups, but also against Jewish organizations. There seems to be no limit to what Obama is willing to do to punish anyone who happens to stand for different values (?) than those being imposed upon the people of this nation by this administration.

We have become so obsessed with trying not to appear to be attacking this president, that we have totally lost sight of exactly what is at stake here. This is still our country, our government, not Obama’s personal vehicle to promote liberal-socialism in the most successful nation on Earth.

Obama has systematically gone about his primary objective to destroy America, and through our own negligence and neglect, we are helping him to achieve his desired goals. Although Obama’s sinister intentions for this country represent the most dangerous enemy of America today, perhaps the second most dangerous enemy of America today is ourselves, the people of this country who simply sit back and allow him to get away with his devious plans.

Not very many years ago, it would have been virtually impossible for anyone who hates America to have even the slightest chance to be elected as president of this nation, let alone serve in the capacity of commander-in-chief of our military. Our Founding Fathers must surely be spinning in their graves at the very thought of what we have allowed to happen to their great vision.

Obama ignores our Constitution and bypasses our cowardly Congress by governing through illegal executive orders and threats, and yet we still remain silent and allow him to get away with it. So many of those we proudly refer to as our “Greatest Generation” are no longer with us, but it seems now to be very merciful that they will not have to endure the destruction from within of the nation they fought so valiantly to defend. Aided by the handiwork of liberal-socialist educators and legislators, this nation has been in a steady free-fall of self-destruction and collapse for decades, which has been greatly accelerated during these most recent four-plus years. However, we are still unwilling to do anything to stop this from happening.

There is no doubt that the Arkansas branch of the liberal-Democrat-socialist propaganda machine will come out in full force to try to discredit both this message and the messenger, but let’s not forget that Adolf Hitler also had his own well-oiled propaganda machine working around the clock to deceive and masquerade his true intentions of evil and world subjugation.

And let us also not forget that it was the German people themselves in the 1930s and 40s who stuck their heads in the sand while Hitler went about committing genocide against the Jewish people, and yet they still refused to acknowledge that which was so obvious to the rest of the world.

Does America still have any chance of surviving Obama and his anti-American agenda? Of course we do, but only if those who really love this country are willing to come to her defense in this, her greatest hour of need!

This is not a political party issue, nor is it a financial issue, and regardless of how hard liberals will try to turn it into one, it is most certainly not a racial issue. This is an “American” issue. Almost every one of us can count among our ancestors those who fought and even died in various wars to preserve and defend this nation, and it is up to us to honor their sacrifice and to protect the future of our own children and grandchildren by taking a firm stand to prevent the further suicide of our America.

Jon Hubbard is a former state representative who lives in Jonesboro.

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