Thursday, June 28, 2012

After Election Surprise For Seniors, The President's $8 Billion Coincidence?


This has to do with the coming elimination of Medicare Advantage for Seniors. It is timed to come in 2 weeks AFTER the November election. Surprise.........We just lost 500 Billion from Medicare by the Supreme Court ruling. The second ruling in a row that greatly favors Obama. In order to come up with that ruling they had to declare the new “forced” purchase of insurance a TAX, instead of a forced purchase. If you do not watch the entire video, please watch at least the first ten minutes. I have said for a long time the Supreme Court is part of the problem and working for the demise of the the United States. Why???.....Because they have been using World Law in their Rulings and findings for ten years or more. That is directly against the Constitution of the United States, which is suppose to be the ONLY consideration for their conclusions. They are favoring more and more the NWO Agenda, probably even Agenda 21. We have a few good Judges, but they are out numbered.........Dale

To all seniors and they who have ederly reletives living in or near you and so whether you are an elderly person or not, you all need to be advised as to what the president has in store for all elderly well after the 2012 Nov. elections........XX

Send this to everyone you know on or about to go on Medicare.  

This video is worth watching – Obama has another surprise waiting for all seniors!

Check out The President's $8 Billion Coincidence from Col. Jack

Is this surprising?

Forward this to every senior you know and ask them to pass this along. Very important they all know what is going to happen.....


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