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10 Things to do Until the Revolution


10 Things to do Until the Revolution

All we wanted to do was to buy a little .22 ammo. Nothing horrific like .50 cal or steel penetrators, just a little bit of non-obtrusive .22 ammo. Nothing. Nada. Store after store and the shelves were empty. Oh, there was .17 HMR and 204 Ruger in abundance - but not 1 round of .22 LR.

Disappointed but not despairing, we found our way to the reloading isle. We thought since we were there, we would pick up a few reloading components. Ha! There were no large rifle primers, small rifle primers, or any other primers to speak of, except for shotgun primers. Only expensive high-end hunting projectiles, most in off-the-wall calibers, were left on the shelves and all of the popular reloading powders for rifle and pistol cartridges had vanished. I personally witnessed a half a dozen men standing in the powder section with the store copies of reloading books in their hands frantically looking for substitute loads with the powders available on the shelf. Leaving sporting goods store after sporting goods store, I'm positive I heard the rattling of sabers.....

Next came a simple thing like AR500 body armor. Nobody buys body armor, right? Wrong. We found that there is at least a 10 - 12 week lead time for coated AR500 body armor. 10 - 12 weeks! For body armor!

It is very apparent to this simple, country housewife that a revolution is afoot and the people are leading the charge. Unlike previous "weapons bans" it is not just the guns, magazines and ammo that have been affected - it is everything associated with all-out freedom fighting, militia led, guerrilla war.

And so, rather than sitting around despairing, Sir Knight and I have come up with a list of things to do. This is just a sampling of ideas - we would love to hear yours.

10 Things to do Until the Revolution

  1. Get right with God. The state of your soul is the only thing that should worry you. If you don't know Jesus - nothing else matters! "Fear not; for I am with you: be not dismayed; for I am your God: I will strengthen you; yea, I will help you; yea, I will uphold you; I will uphold you with my hand of righteousness" Isaiah 41:10
  2. Inventory and make a list so that you can locate all of your gear.
  3. For goodness sake - zero your rifle!
  4. Clean and lubricate all of your firearms - check your ammunition and magazine supply.
  5. Make sure your tactical gear (you have tac gear, right?!) is in good, serviceable condition and is fitted for your mission.
  6. If you haven't already, learn to shoot the weapons in your possession. Take a class. If you can shoot and have no military background, read this blog (Mountain Guerrilla) and consider taking a class from this individual (be warned, If I ever find out where he lives, I'm going to send his wife (HH6) a bar of handmade soap to wash out his mouth).
  7. Make sure you have a face mask (balaclava) available to hide your identity, in case peaceful, armed protests are still an option - you don't want to be identified and harassed.
  8. I never thought I would ever say this, but.....consider purchasing body armor. The coated AR500 body armor mentioned above will serve very well for guerrilla/ prepper purposes. Look here and here.
  9. OPSEC. You are going to have to be very careful who you trust. Read this story on SurvivalBlog. In case you didn't notice, the author mentioned in the article works in law enforcement. I myself, have been told personally, by a law enforcement officer, that his preps consisted of taking food and weapons from Mormons in his area, since he knew where they lived.
  10. Keep your head down.

There's gonna be a revolution.....


That looks a lot like my list. We've got the gear, but don't know how to use it nearly well enough. A lot of people need to add "11. Learn to rough it. You may have to give up a being dry and sleeping soundly for freedom." You folks are already a long ways there, but we're all going to have to learn to live a LOT leaner in the future. That's really what worries me most. Simply put, it's not going to be fun!


Enola, and Sir Knight


I do not think Americans will have a revolution. I think our own goverment will "cease to function" when it goes so broke that the currency will be worthless and they can no longer feed and pay the troops and the troops "abandon thier posts" and go AWOL.

Captaincrunchs view....

1. .gov goes broke
2. no more EBT, welfare, etc. people riot, look for food, like South Central L.A. april, 1992.
3. Martial Law crackdown, drone missles go flyin' Constitution eliminated. Police state crackdown on steroids, .gov goes banana's
4. After troops cant get paid for awhile and demoralization sets in. Troops go AWOL, worried about families. Officers and Pilots fail to report for duty. Military comanders lose control and restrict troops to base to protect assets at all cost by offering shelter and food to families of troops.
5. Politicians run around like chickens with thier heads cut off, complete dissary. Many politicans shot in head, executed by Pentagon "Joint Chiefs of Staff trying military coup which will further cause more chaos.
6. Redoubt States make own currency. Texas and many Southern States do the same. The 10th Amendment on Steriods is picking up steam. Local and State control in some area's of country work.
7. Some blue states follow suit, make own currency.
8. America starts to break up.
9. Independent regions and semi-indenpendent regions emerge with thier own leadership, laws and goverment. Kinda what Mathew Bracken evisions. Balkenization of the former U.S.

I dont want this to happen, but its the path we are on.

I saw some horrible stuff in Africa years ago. My best advice. Get away from other people. Get to the woods, find a cabin. Hunker down and feed your children. Let your damn Mcmansion in the suburbs get looted, burned to the ground. Dont let your children become street urchins with distended bellies suffering from malnutrition.

Listen' people. Your family is pricless, your kids are priceless. That 60 inch flatscreen tv, Ipad, Iphone and everything else is garbage. Complete materielistic garbage.

All you really need in Africa is a bedsheet around your waist and a pair of sandals as you make your way to the next refugee camp looking for food. A "well equipped refugee" has a baby in a backpack with a large container full of food and stuff carried on top of your head and an AK in your arms.

Solar generators, Solar radio's, rocket stoves, battery supplies, High tech bug out bags, fancy knives, fancy radio eqiuipment, stored seeds, night vision scopes and all the other tricks of the trade are also worthless if your half starved and can hardly function. Add sleep deprevation, stress and other not so comfortable conditions into the mix and you will lose manual dexterity, your hands will shake, your aim with your rifle will be off. You will feel like crap and lose motivation to do anything.

I know how this feels, I know what to expect. That fancy AR with all the gadgets on it will be hard to control. Pulling the charging handle back or just loading a mag will become a chore. Body armor will be dropped off, left behind. Better that the wife and kids wear it. Too tired to carry it to battle, bad enough having all the ammo to carry. Being so exhuasted that the thought of taking a bullet will be appealing.

I learned what true exhuastion and demoralization is when in training in the military. You get to the point where you will not care about anything.

Best thing to do I think is run and hide, survive to live another day. Let all the fanantics, freedom lovers, socailists, tea partiers, looters, rioters, good guys and bad guys shoot each other down in the streets.

Later' come out of bunker, out of the cabin out in the woods. Meet with friends and nieghbors that are still alive. Pull out a copy of the Constitution and start back at step one.


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  1. Home protection is going to be a must if it already isn't in your town. There was a new report last week of a young man entering a 58 year old mans home and knocking him to the floor. The home owner got to his feet and grabbed his 22 pistol and shot the man in the head. The intruder was arrested by police a few minutes later. In my opinion home protection starts at 40 Cal.Only one story to listen to then1