Thursday, July 25, 2013

Democrats Trying to Increase IRS Budget by $276 Million


Democrats Trying to Increase IRS Budget by $276 Million


The Democrats in the Senate are pushing for an increase in the operating budget for the IRS, even after the massive and widespread scandal that included over 90 employees.

Even though 100% of Tea Party groups were targeted, and the leadership of the IRS was involved in the attack, the IRS tried to actually SWING THE ELECTION, the IRS is still targeting the Tea Party… the Democrats want to increase their budget.

It’s more important than ever before to support leadership like Sen. Ted Cruz who is pushing for a complete end to the IRS. The agency is too powerful, is hideous for the economy, and is as corrupt as Washington gets. The details about the Democrat plan are below.

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From The Hill:

Senate Democrats on Tuesday proposed increasing the budget of the Internal Revenue Service and other financial agencies next year.

The IRS would get $12.07 billion in funding under the Financial Services subcommittee bill reported to the full Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday, an increase of $276.5 million.

House Republicans, in contrast, have suggested cutting the IRS’s budget by 24 percent.

Senate Republicans are not happy with the funding level proposed by Democrats, and subcommittee ranking member Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) took the rare step of recording a “no” vote against the bill

“Count the IRS among the winners in the bill despite the political targeting that appalled all of us and eroded the public’s trust,” Johanns said.

Insanity. We should be abolishing the IRS, not increasing their budget after the rampant attacks on basic free speech. This is just typical news when it comes to how corrupt and incoherent DC really is.


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