Thursday, July 25, 2013

Obama's "rebalancing" act against Al Qaeda


July 24, 2013

Obama's "rebalancing" act against Al Qaeda

It seems even the buffoon in the White House realized that his narrative of Al Qaeda being vanquished was not a match for the piles of bodies slaughtered by Al Qaeda. I don't expect much, but at least he is talking about Al Qaeda in the present (and not as a thing of the past).


Obama says he will be "rebalancing our fight against Al Qaeda" Jihadwatch

This is good to see, since it certainly is unbalanced. One of the main ways it is out of balance is by the focus on Al Qaeda, as if it were the sole originator and carrier of the idea that Muslims must wage war against and subjugate unbelievers. But Obama is not likely to rebalance it to correct that.

"'Rebalancing Our Fight Against Al Qaeda,'" by John McCormack for The Weekly Standard, July 24:

In President Obama's campaign-style speech on the economy, he mentioned some non-economic priorities:

"Of course, we’ll keep pressing on other key priorities, like reducing gun violence, rebalancing our fight against al Qaeda, combating climate change, and standing up for civil rights and women’s rights."

I've heard of winning or losing fights, but what does "rebalancing our fight against al Qaeda" mean? It's a phrase Obama hasn't used used before.

As stated in the booklet by Robert Spencer and David Horowitz which is entitled OBAMA AND ISLAM on page 24 it reads "In the banning the truth about Islam and jihad, the Obama Administration has opened the door for increased jihad terror activity in the United States. Agents who do not understand the threat they face and are constantly suprised by the places where that threat is coming from and powerless to stop jihadist activity."

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