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John Kerry To Host Ramadan Dinner in Ben Franklin Room





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John Kerry To Host Ramadan Dinner in Ben Franklin Room

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Taxpayer funded Islamophilia runs rampant in DC. And unlike voting in a presidential election you will need to show a photo ID to participate. How many Muslim Brothers and Sisters (aka Ikhwan) will be in attendance?

via Secretary of State John Kerry To Host Ramadan Iftar. h/t Martin

Secretary of State John Kerry will host an Iftar to commemorate the month of Ramadan in the Benjamin Franklin Room at the Department of State on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. The event will begin at 8:30pm.

At this event, Secretary Kerry will highlight State Department efforts to reach out in innovative and exciting ways to engage with Muslim communities around the world. The event will reinforce programs that build bridges of understanding and partnership, and celebrate people whose work exemplifies a spirit of cooperation and commitment to change.

Muslim communities are the ONLY communities around the world that Obama reaches out to…with your tax dollars.

An Iftar is a celebratory dinner breaking the fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan, the month of the Islamic calendar during which Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. Ramadan is the month Muslims believe the Qu’ran was revealed to the Prophet Mohamed; it is a month of reflection, generosity, and compassion for nearly 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide.

Secretary Kerry will make remarks at approximately 8:50 p.m.

Open Press for remarks only. Final access for all press, video cameras, still photographers, and writers is 7:30 p.m. from the C Street lobby.

Media representatives may attend this briefing upon presentation of one of the following: (1) a U.S. Government-issued identification card (Department of State, White House, Congress, Department of Defense, or Foreign Press Center), (2) a media-issued photo identification card, or (3) a letter from their employer on letterhead verifying their employment as a journalist accompanied by an official photo identification (driver’s license or passport).

For further information and for members of the press who are Muslim and observing Ramadan, please contact David Staples, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, at or (202) 647-4221.

This follows the dhimmitude at the Pentagon, Pentagon Hosts Ramadan Iftar Dinner Keynoted by Keith Ellison.



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