Thursday, July 25, 2013

ISLAMIC ISSUES 13-190: Florida lawmaker: Textbook too favorable to Islam


"It has a 36-page section on the religion and devotes three paragraphs to Christianity, he said."

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Florida lawmaker: Textbook too favorable to Islam

Book is 'remarkably offensive,' Workman says

 VIERA, Fla. รข€"A group of parents and a state legislator say they are offended by a history book used in Brevard County schools.

The group says the book is too favorable to the Muslim faith and unfair to Christianity and Judaism.

The book, "World History," is published by Prentice Hall.

"It's remarkably offensive to me," said Rep. Ritch Workman. "This book very much sugar-coats the rise of Islam to be this wonderful new world order while teaching Christianity as dogmatic."

The book is used in Brevard County high schools and other schools in Florida. At school district headquarters, Workman told the school board the book favors Islam at the expense of other religions.

It has a 36-page section on the religion and devotes three paragraphs to Christianity, he said.

"When you report history truly, then you report those horrible things that we did in the name of Christ or that the Jews did. And you should also report that in the name of Islam," he said.

A spokesman for a Muslim organization said Workman's opposition is an attempt to create an environment of intolerance against Muslims.

A school district official says merely counting pages or paragraphs is not an effective measure of a history course or the full content, including lectures received by students in the classroom. Workman says he's not just counting pages. He's looking at the fairness of the book's treatment of different religions.

Two board members have agreed take an informal look at the book. If they don't like it, and if they get more negative feedback, there could be a vote to remove the textbook.

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