Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dream On, Rahmbo

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Dream On, Rahmbo

Posted: 09 Jul 2013 06:46 PM PDT

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel held a press conference today to bemoan the fact that Illinois will now finally have shall-issue concealed carry. He said he was glad Illinois was the last state to adopt concealed carry and that he hopes the Illinois General Assembly will allow Chicago to adopt its own stricter concealed carry ordinances.

He goes on to say that Chicago is different and that it "needs" gun control. I would agree with him that Chicago is different than Downstate - it has more shootings and murders than the rest of the state despite having much tougher gun control laws.

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Rockingham County Will Make It All

Posted: 09 Jul 2013 06:27 PM PDT

When it comes to manufacturing it all, I don't know if any place will be able to top Rockingham County, North Carolina. By all, I mean alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

MillerCoors Brewing operates a large brewery in Eden.

Imperial Tobacco manufactures cigarettes in Reidsville.

The addition of Ruger's planned manufacturing plant in Mayodan will now complete the trio.

I really can't think of any other location where all three products are currently made by major manufacturers

Quinn's Veto Overriden In The Illinois General Assembly

Posted: 09 Jul 2013 12:24 PM PDT

Gov. Pat Quinn's amendatory veto of HB 183 was overriden in the
Illinois House today on a vote of 77 for and 31 against. It now goes to the Illinois Senate where Sen. Gary Forby (D-Marion) has introduced a motion to override the veto.

Today is the day that the stay issued by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in the joint cases of Shepard v. Madigan and Moore v. Madigan expires.

UPDATE: Interestingly enough, the Illinois State Police is prepared for the bill's passage. It has up a  
FAQ page on concealed carry permits including the cost of permits and the qualifications to obtain a permit.

UPDATE II: Both houses of the Illinois General Assembly overrode Gov. Pat Quinn's amendatory veto.
The Senate vote was 41 to 17.

The State of Illinois now has concealed carry. While it will take a while to get things up and running, the state does have concealed carry.


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