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FRANCE: Pushy Muslims in Lorraine try to bully their way into the Mayor's office to demand a new mosque






FRANCE: Pushy Muslims in Lorraine try to bully their way into the Mayor’s office to demand a new mosque

by BareNakedIslam

It’s something that’s never been seen in the Longwy urban area. Around 100 Muslim demonstrators tried to use force to make themselves heard by the Mayor.

Mayor Edouard Jacque tries to appease the angry mob of muslims outside

Islam vs Europe B√Ętiments de France [tn: architectural heritage agency] also criticised the excessively garish colours of the mosque because it would be located within the perimeter of the ramparts of Vauban [tn: famous builder of fortifications under Louis XIV] which is classified as protected by UNESCO.




The demonstration had not been declared. In response to an appeal by the Muslim community of the basin of Longwy, supported by Muslim Cultural Association of the conurbation of Longwy, the Muslims first blasted their Ramadan prayers with lots of amplifiers beneath the windows of the City Hall.

Tired of having awaited the arrival of the mayor for over an hour when it was 90°F heat in the shade, the crowd then tried to penetrate into the interior of the premises. A delegation of about ten people managed to gain entry while several police vehicles took up position behind the buildings.

The demonstrators demanded that the mayor take a position in favour of their project to construct a new mega mosque in Gouraincourt across an area of 1985 m². Currently, in this period of Ramadan, the Muslim headbangers are lifting their asses to Allah in the street till 1 o’clock in the morning, in the absence of appropriate structures.

Mayor Edouard Jacque’s recent refusal of the proposed mosque, dated 17 June, was based on the safety of the worshippers which would be called into question by a passage at the level of the railway adjacent to the future car park with 242 places.

Edouard Jacque invited the community to review his copy, regretting the fact that this surprise demonstration “helped only the increasingly popular anti-Muslim immigration Front National Party”.

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