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GREAT NEWS! Surge in British soldiers joining the English Defence League






GREAT NEWS! Surge in British soldiers joining the English Defence League

by BareNakedIslam

Surge in British soldiers joining the English Defence League

This is a rare positive media story about the EDL, despite Channel 4′s efforts to put a damper on it. Channel 4, you might recall, is the Islamopandering station that is blasting the Muslim Call to Prayer on British TV, every day, during the month of Ramadan.

Channel 4 Speaking outside the warehouse in Luton where the EDL's first press conference was hosted in 2009, leader, Tommy Robinson, told Channel 4 News how his organisation is once again on the rise. "Since the Woolwich savage murder of a British soldier in the streets of London by Muslims , the EDL has given people a platform to listen to what we were saying…it's common sense what we stand for and everyone's agreeing," said Robinson.

Military veterans now members of the EDL

"This campaign's been going on for four years to demonise our organisation – now it's been blown out of the water. Since Woolwich there's a massive influx of support from every walk of life, people are just saying enough is enough." Robinson claimed that the organisations numbers are "massive", with thousands joining the organisations on marches in central London, Newcastle and Woolwich in the week after Lee Rigby's murder.

In the days after the Woolwich attack, the EDL's Facebook page went from just 20k supporters to over 151,000. On-the-street support for the organisation grew, with demonstrations now drawing large numbers.

"We're passionate about our armed forces," says Robinson. "The EDL was created in defence of our armed forces, we will continue to defend our armed forces." He went on to claim he receives messages of support "from every regiment in this country on a weekly basis." "Our military are trained to fight against Sharia and then when they come home are they supposed to turn that off? They're trained to fight and battle this. We're the only ones that dare speak up against Islamist ideology."

Thousands of supporters turned out for the English Defence League counter-jihad rally earlier today in Birmingham. As usual, Left Wing Fascists and a contingent of Islamofascists also showed up to try to disrupt the peaceful demonstration.



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