Saturday, July 13, 2013

Iran Navy deploying missiles on high speed commercial ships


Iran Navy deploying missiles on high speed commercial ships

NICOSIA — Iran has equipped civilian vessels with missiles for operations in the Gulf.

The Iranian Navy said it would modify scores of commercial vessels with missile launchers. They said the platforms were high speed boats procured from the West and other regions.

"Many units which were used to transfer passengers in the past have now been equipped and delivered to the Navy units as missile-launching vessels, meaning that they now have a fully different application," Iranian Navy deputy commander Rear Adm. Abbas Zamini said.

In a briefing on June 29, Zamini said a large number of commercial vessels have been converted to military fast attack craft. He said the project has defied Western sanctions on Iran's defense industry.

"We have conducted great jobs in arming [our forces] which indicates that we have not been stopped by the sanctions," Zamini said.

Officials said the converted surface vessels have been deployed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. They said the the FACs would play a major role in Iranian naval strategy in the Gulf, patrolled by NATO allies.

Over the last year, the Navy has introduced two light submarines and a missile launching boat. The Sina-7 frigate joined two Qadir-class light submarines for naval operations.


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