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Is Trayvon Sparking a Communist Revolution?


Is Trayvon Sparking a Communist Revolution?

Are you puz­zled by the over-reaction and civil unrest over the George Zim­merman trial? Con­sider this: Com­mu­nist front groups are throwing every­thing they have at fomenting and con­tin­uing the protests for their own agenda. Many of these groups have no tan­gible interest in the Trayvon Martin case per se, but are instead pro­moting the vio­lent over­throw of the United States in the name of com­mu­nism. Who are they? Just read the signs dis­played in hun­dreds of pic­tures on the Internet of the protests them­selves! Of course, Martin had nothing to do with this posthu­mous move­ment, but the ques­tion must be asked, "Is Trayvon sparking a com­mu­nist rev­o­lu­tion?" The protest pic­tures them­selves offer a com­pelling answer.

The Inter­na­tional Action Center

According to the About page of their web­site, "Ulti­mately it is our goal to work towards the lib­er­a­tion and freedom of all peo­ples living in the U.S. and around the world. IAC defines itself as an 'anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist' organization."

IA Center was founded in 1992 by ultra-leftist activist and attorney Ramsey Clark, who defended con­tro­ver­sial con­tro­ver­sial fig­ures such as Slo­bodan Milošević, Saddam Hus­sein, and Lyndon LaRouche.

Party for Socialism and Liberation

PSL is a hard-core Marxist/communist front orga­ni­za­tion, and doesn't hide its sen­ti­ments: "The Party for Socialism and Lib­er­a­tion con­siders the defense of rev­o­lu­tionary Cuba one of the prin­cipal respon­si­bil­i­ties of social­ists in the United States. Since its 1959 rev­o­lu­tion, Cuba has pro­vided the world with a stir­ring example of what a people can accom­plish once the working class seizes polit­ical power from the tiny minority of cap­i­tal­ists." In the same manner, PSL states its goals for the U.S.: "The aim of the PSL is to abolish the cor­rupt, rotten and anti-people cap­i­talist economy, state and gov­ern­mental system, and replace it with one ded­i­cated to meeting the needs of the people — a socialist system."

Rev­o­lu­tionary Com­mu­nist Party, USA

According to their web site, "Making rev­o­lu­tion against a pow­erful and vicious enemy—and going on from there to bring into being a whole new world, without exploita­tion and oppres­sion — is an incred­ibly chal­lenging and com­plex process… The Rev­o­lu­tionary Com­mu­nist Party, USA has taken on the respon­si­bility to lead rev­o­lu­tion in the U.S., the belly of the impe­ri­alist beast, as its prin­cipal share of the world rev­o­lu­tion and the ulti­mate aim of com­mu­nism." [emphasis added]

Socialist Worker

According to Socialist Worker's "Where we stand" page,

"We actively sup­port the struggle of workers and all oppressed people for eco­nomic, polit­ical and social reforms, both as a means to improve their con­di­tions and to advance their con­fi­dence and fighting strength. But reforms within the cap­i­talist system cannot put an end to oppres­sion, exploita­tion or eco­log­ical dev­as­ta­tion. Cap­i­talism must be replaced.

"The struc­tures of the present gov­ern­ment grew up under cap­i­talism and are designed to pro­tect cap­i­talist rule. The working class needs an entirely dif­ferent kind of state – a demo­c­ratic workers' state based on coun­cils of workers' delegates.

"We do not sup­port can­di­dates of cap­i­talist par­ties like the Democ­rats or the Repub­li­cans. We sup­port gen­uine left-wing can­di­dates and polit­ical action that pro­motes inde­pen­dence from the corporate-dominated two-party system in the U.S."

Worker's World

This orga­ni­za­tion is one of the oldest pro-Marxist orga­ni­za­tions in the U.S. It's web site states, "Workers World Party is a rev­o­lu­tionary Marxist-Leninist party that develops mil­i­tant orga­nizers in every struggle, from anti-racist and immi­grant rights to labor, anti-war and anti-imperialist strug­gles. Since 1959 we have been saying, 'Build a Workers World!'… We were among the biggest sup­porters of the Black Pan­ther Party… The struggle against the cap­i­talist 1% is a global struggle. The workers in the U.S. have no 'inde­pen­dent des­tiny.' Their fate is inevitably bound up with the 99% of the rest of humanity. The founders of Workers World Party called it a 'global class war' back in 1959, and since then, this reality has only become more obvious with advances in tech­nology like the Web and social media…WWP pro­motes inter­na­tional working-class sol­i­darity, the right of every nation to sov­er­eignty and self-determination, and mil­i­tant resis­tance at home to impe­ri­alist inter­ven­tions and wars."

What's going on here?

These groups and others like them are always looking for a good mob that they can infil­trate and fur­ther infu­riate, and this is cer­tainly the case here. The top down orches­tra­tion appears to be much broader, how­ever, with reporting and mis­re­porting in the media and state­ments from Admin­is­tra­tion offi­cials implying that jus­tice was not served in the Zim­merman trial, even though he was unan­i­mously acquitted of both 2nd degree murder and manslaughter.

Where are the FBI, Depart­ment of Jus­tice and Depart­ment of Home­land Secu­rity during these protests? Are any of these groups being inves­ti­gated for sedi­tion? According to Mer­riam Web­ster, sedi­tion is a…

"Crime of cre­ating a revolt, dis­tur­bance, or vio­lence against lawful civil authority with the intent to cause its over­throw or destruc­tion. Because it is lim­ited to orga­nizing and encour­aging oppo­si­tion to gov­ern­ment rather than directly par­tic­i­pating in its over­throw, sedi­tion is regarded as falling one step short of the more serious crime of treason. In the U.S. the dis­play of a cer­tain flag or the advo­cacy of a par­tic­ular move­ment, such as syn­di­calism, anar­chism, or com­mu­nism, has peri­od­i­cally been declared seditious."

The con­cept of Free Speech is cen­tral to the U.S. Con­sti­tu­tion, except when a crime is com­mitted in the exer­cise thereof. Marxist/communist rev­o­lu­tion­aries who want to sum­marily destroy America have no right to hide behind the Con­sti­tu­tion they would burn.


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