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Jane Fonda tells Veterans threatening to boycott movie where she plays Nancy Reagan to get a life

Everyone should always boycott everything to do with Fonda and other anti-American leftists.




Jane Fonda tells Veterans threatening to boycott movie where she plays Nancy Reagan to ‘get a life’

  • Jane Fonda will play Nancy Reagan in forthcoming film The Butler
  • Veterans are threatening to boycott the movie because of her anti-Vietnam War stance
  • The 75-year-old actress told critics to 'get a life'

By Janine Yaqoob

PUBLISHED:04:48 EST, 12 April 2013

Jane Fonda has told veterans threatening to boycott her new movie, where she plays former First Lady Nancy Reagan, to 'get a life'.

The 75-year-old actress will star in Lee Daniels' forthcoming film, The Butler, but her casting has created a backlash from veterans because of her stance on the Vietnam War.

They have been angered by Fonda's inclusion in the film because of her involvement in the protest against the war, where she called Americans 'war criminals'.

A movement to boycott the film, which will be shown in U.S. cinemas this October, is gaining momentum.

Larry Reyes, a Navy veteran, has started a Facebook campaign called 'Boycott Hanoi Jane Playing Nancy Reagan' and described her casting as a 'slap in the face'.

But Fonda, a seven-time Oscar nominee, showed no signs of backing down and told her critics to 'get a life.'

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, she said: 'If it creates hoopla, it will cause more people to see the movie… I figured it would tweak the right. Who cares?'

Mr Reyes said that while Fonda had 'every right' to protest the Vietnam War, she 'bordered on treason' when she went to Hanoi, Vietnam, called Americans 'war criminals,' and was photographed seated on an anti-aircraft battery.

He told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column: 'Growing up in a military family I heard my father and uncles talk about what Jane did, so from an early age I knew about her history with the war and how upset veterans were about it.

'Then when I heard she was going to play such a well-liked and highly respected president’s wife, it got to me.

'They (the filmmakers) knew by picking Jane for the part they were going to stir up some stuff. I’m not a conservative or a liberal, I’m an American. And that was a slap in the face.

'It’s my right to protest this film, and if I can stop a few people from seeing it, I will be happy.'

Yet according to Fonda, Mrs Reagan is 'happy' she was awarded the role.

The Monster-in-Law star said she sent the former First Lady some questions to make sure she portrays her accurately, which she answered.

She said the First Lady’s response to her being cast came as a surprise, 'because back when she was feisty she wasn't nice to me. We all mellow. We all mellow.'

The Butler is based on the story of an African-American man (played by Forest Whitaker) who served as a butler to eight presidents in the White House over 30 years and touches upon the dramatic changes in American society including the civil rights movement and Vietnam.

John Cusak has been lined up to play Richard Nixon, whilst Robin Williams will star as Dwight Eisenhower.



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