Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lockheed Martin expands to capitalize on burgeoning Mideast market


Lockheed Martin expands to capitalize on burgeoning Mideast market

WASHINGTON — Lockheed Martin has expanded business services for Middle East and other international clients.

L-M, producer of the F-16 and Joint Strike Fighter, has launched an organization designed to bolster relationships with foreign countries. The new unit, called Lockheed Martin International, would contain offices in such Middle East cities as Abu Dhabi, Riyad and Tel Aviv.

"Our unified team and approach will deliver the Lockheed Martin value proposition to our customers," LMI vice president Partrick Dewar said. "We look forward to continuing to deliver our products, technologies and services. From the F-35, C-130J, F-16 and missile defense systems to cyber security and citizen services, we have the products our global customers need to meet their unique missions."

LMI was established as Lockheed continued to struggle to complete the F-35 fighter-jet. Israel has been the only Middle East client of JSF as even partners such as Turkey balked amid rising costs and technical flaws of the fifth-generation aircraft.

Executives said LMI would facilitate industrial partnerships with Middle East and other clients. The company has been promoting its C-130J air transport, ordered by Iraq, Israel, Qatar, Tunisia and other regional states.

"The LMI team will align and integrate our existing international business and operations under a customer-focused strategy in the 70 countries where we do business today," Dewar said on July 1.


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