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Obama's July 4 event included Saudi on terror watch list





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Obama’s July 4 event included Saudi on terror watch list

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Was Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the much-discussed Saudi national once identified as a “person of interest” in the Boston Marathon bombings, at the White House for a 4th of July celebration for military heros and their families?

Apparent pictures posted on the Internet and a Saudi news outlet say yes.

According to a professional translation of the account’s information, however, the given name is “‘Ali Al-Salimi Al-Harbi,” and the description reads: “Father of Abd Al-Rahman who was injured in the Boston bombings.”

The caption in the above photo, translated, reads: “We attended the celebration with my son Abd Al-Rahman and my son Issa.”

Another photo appears to show Barack and Michelle Obama greeting either someone in their group, or someone very close by.

The translated caption claims: “We greeted Obama and his wife…”

A law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the investigation into the Boston Marathon Bombing has confirmed to TheBlaze that the person in the photo is Alharbi.

A now scrubbed from the web Fox article, Saudi Questioned in Boston bombing was on terror watch list, had prior file (video):

The Saudi national who was initially detained and then ruled out as a suspect in the Boston Marathon terrorist attack had been flagged on a terror watch list and was granted a student visa without being properly vetted, sources have told me.

A source close to the investigation revealed that Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi had been deemed inadmissible under the section of the Immigration and Nationality Act which declares ineligible for a visa – any alien who is engaged in or is likely to engage after entry – in terrorist activity.

Why is this Saudi and his family even in the United States still?




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