Sunday, July 21, 2013

OECD and the G20 say contracts don’t matter

On Friday, the G20 adopted an action plan prepared by the OECD that fundamentally reforms how corporate taxation works on a global level. The rallying cries of course come from countries that are hemorrhaging capital as it flees bankrupt and repressive jurisdictions for those where it's treated best.


Of course, their biggest problems are large multinational companies and online businesses.


Looks like the gloves are off when it comes to making up rules on the fly and confiscating whatever is within reach. Pascal Saint-Amans, Director of the OECD's Centre for Tax Policy said:


"We clearly have reached the point where the governments don't care any more about taboos, and they just say we cannot be bound by pure contractual arrangements."




One of the top bureaucrats in the OECD, the "rich countries' club", is saying that contracts don't matter. It's all fair game. If we have to ignore or breach a treaty to get your money, we will.



Congress is about to pass Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act, meddling some more into the business of farmers, food production, and how we can and cannot grow and consume our food.


This monstrosity of a bill that ended up being 1,142 pages long includes all sorts of provisions that indicate how broken the food system in the US really is.


For example, it includes a section that requires regulatory agencies across the government to use "scientifically sound information" in moving forward with their regulatory initiatives.


The logical conclusion here is that regulators thus far haven't been using "scientifically sound information" when dishing out their decrees.


But perhaps the most telling part of the legislation that shows how ridiculous the government in the US has become is section 1608, which reads: "At least twice each year, the Secretary shall reconcile social security numbers of all individuals who receive payments under this title, whether directly or indirectly, with the Commissioner of Social Security to determine if the individuals are alive."


When they have to pass a law to make sure the government stops giving money to dead people, that's a pretty clear sign of a dysfunctional welfare state.



The bottom line is there are hundreds upon hundreds of pages of new regulations and legislation proposed and enacted EVERY DAY in the United States alone.


Each of them adds up to the enormous list of laws and rules that dictate what we can and can't do and profoundly impact our personal and economic freedom.


Of course, hardly any of it gets reported in the mainstream media. That's why I have an entire team dedicated to combing through this mountain of material that comes out every single day.


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You may reach your breaking point when Congress proposes more of your taxpayer money to be spent on ridiculous and welfare expanding programs.


Or when the government unilaterally allows the military to declare martial law without presidential approval, as has happened just recently.


Or perhaps when a provision gets sneaked into a recent spending bill that prevents courts from banning the sale, distribution and use of GMO seeds, even if they turn out to have harmful effects.


It's impossible to stay on top of all these developments around the world on your own.


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