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The Iconoclast: Samantha Power’s Unconvincing Mea Culpa Senate Confirmation Presentation




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Title: Samantha Power's Unconvincing Mea Culpa Senate Confirmation Presentation

Samantha Power, the controversial Obama National Security Council aide, had what could only be termed a mea culpa confirmation hearing Wednesday, July 17, 2013 before the Senate Foreign Relations Committtee.She was nominated by President Obama as the new UN Ambassador. Mea culpa is a term she had used frequently in her past writings as a Puitizer Prize winning author of A Problem from Hell to condemn alleged 'mistakes' by the US in the past that required an apology, whether failing to deal with Rwanda during the Clinton era, the Abu Ghraib prison episode under Bush in Iraq, and suggesting enforcing a draconian peace on Israel with hundreds of millions in aid to the Palestinians. Then there were her positions on Libya, fostering the view that leading from behind would bring the Gaddafi dictatorship to ground. Instead it gave us the deaths of Amb. Stevens and CIA contractors in Benghazi and the filtering of arms to Islamic fundamentalist Syrian opposition and Al Qaida in the Mahgreb.

Prior to today's hearing a letter sent to all Senators  opposing Power's nomination was signed by 58 former senior military,  diplomats,  public policy experts and  concerned  citizens, including this author.  Frank Gaffney, Jr. of the Washington, DC-based Center for Security Policy noted on the release of this letter:

It is imperative that the American people be presented with the stark contrast between the views of President Obama's nominee to be the next U.S. Ambassador at the United Nations, and those of generations of our countrymen and women, who have fought for this country's sovereignty and helped achieve — and believed in — its greatness.  Samantha Power's record suggests that she is better suited to represent the virulently anti-American UN to the United States, rather than the other way around.    

The signatories of this letter believe the U.S. Senate must repudiate such sentiments and the damage they can do if allowed encouraging anti-American agendas at the UN, both for the United States and other freedom-loving peoples, notably those of Israel. 


In light of this criticism why are Democrats, some  leading Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, leaders of mainline American Jewish organizations  and even Israeli PM Netanyahu  are willing  to support Power's  and the Obama  track record to confirm her as the next US UN Ambassador?  The Hill reports that if Power gets the nod, as expected from  the Foreign Relations Committee followed by a full Senate vote  she could be in place as U N Ambassador before the start of the Geneal Assembly Session on September 17th.   This Senate confirmation of Power amounts to appeasement  of a  dangerous and  misguided politically correct multilateralist agenda of the Obama Administration.

Title: Samantha Power's Unconvincing Mea Culpa Senate Confirmation Presentation




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