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Who are the members of the Zimmerman jury?





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Who are the members of the Zimmerman jury?

by Dr. Eowyn

John GuyFlorida Assistant State Attorney John Guy

In the racially-charged trial of George Zimmerman for the second degree murder of 17-year-old "child" Trayvon Martin -- that's what prosecutor Assistant State Attorney John Guy called the 5' 11" punk (Zimmerman is 5' 7") -- defense and prosecution have both rested their respective cases.

Zimmerman's fate is now in the hands of the six-member jury.

Zimmerman juryThose six were drawn from the final 40 potential jurors -- 24 of whom were women, 16 were men; 27 were white, 7 were black, 3 were of mixed race, and 3 were Hispanic.

This is what we know about the Zimmerman jury:

·         All six are female.

·         5 of the 6 are married.

·         5 of the 6 are "white."

·         "Almost all" (according to CNN) have children.

·         Juror E-6 is blonde; has two children (ages 11 and 13); is married to an engineer; and is a "church member."

·         Juror B-29 is Black (CNN) or Hispanic (Fox News); married for 10 years; has 8 children, 7 of whom are minors (younger than 18); and is originally from Chicago. She is the only racial "minority" on the jury.

·         Juror B-76 is married; unemployed, but used to run a construction company with her husband; loves animals; and has a son who's an attorney.

·         Juror B-37 is the daughter of an Air Force captain; has two children -- one a pet groomer, the other attends the University of Central Florida.

·         Juror E-40 is married to a chemical engineer; has one son; and likes to watch football, read, and travel.

·         Juror B-51 is the only unmarried member of this jury; a retired real estate agent who had moved to Florida from Atlanta.

Attorney and Fox News legal analyst Tamara Holder has already faulted the jury composition: "This case should not be about race, but the attorneys’ failure to pick a more diverse group of six people is certain to reignite the issue, especially if the 100 percent all-female/non-African-American jury finds Mr. Zimmerman not guilty."

When asked about the lack of Black jurors, George Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, responded: "The state struck the first Black juror and then we got our six.... I had questions about two Black jurors on their ability to be fair and impartial and we talked about that. That’s been I think now put on the record when it comes to my thoughts and the judge agreed that they were race neutral reasons. So while people can look at it and have this reaction: there’s no Blacks on the jury, there’s no this, or there’s no that, tell me we did something wrong in the [jury selection] process and I’ll agree with you. If you look at this process and I’ll agree with you if you look at the process and say it was done fairly than the result was fair.”

Sources: CNN, Fox News, JetMag.

Meanwhile, it is now said that even if the jury acquits George Zimmerman, his troubles aren't over. The Obama regime might still prosecute him in federal court for "violating" Martin's "civil rights." For more about this nightmarish possibility, go here. (H/t FOTM's joworth)



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