Monday, July 1, 2013

Will Obama ask Morsi to Step Down? Duh!

     Will Obama ask Morsi to Step Down? Duh!
Stan Zir, Author
     Susan North, Editor




Due to circumstances that have arisen while writing Obama’s Final Solution Tour Part 2, this essay turned into an emergency alert. The body of the work provides the key to understanding how we arrived at this critical moment in history that will shape the future of mankind, and how to gain ultimate victory over terrorism as we must: For America stands on the very precipice where victory for freedom over tyranny in this world lays in the balance. 

We cannot wait to 2016 to elect a new President –even waiting for the election of a new Congress in 2014 will be too late. We must act now; for we are facing a watershed event, watershed event? To find out read the op-ed when it is published.


In the meantime I am sending out a sneak preview of Obama Final Solution Never Again is Now for America andIsrael, Part Two because what is happening in Egypt is newsworthy.


Discussing foreign policy in  Obama Final Solution Tour, I quoted  from a December 11, 2012  op-ed “Where is Barack Hussein Obama, the hero who stood for freedom in Egypt and the Islamic World?”

"Obama said Americans must respect the rights of the Islamic people and that their voices must be heard.” Why is Obama hesitating? Why is he not asking Morsi, like Mubarak before him, to step down? Isn’t there more than enough proof that Morsi is a dictator, or does Obama believe that the Muslim Brotherhood and their partner in crime, Iran, can be honest brokers for peace in the Middle East?"

It is now 2013, and incredulously, he let Morsi know he has his back as he has just given Egypt 14 fighter jets and $250 million in aid - this to a country that has joined with Iran and Hamas to destroy Israel. Is this the reward he gives to the enemies of America and Israel when they become Islamic terrorist states? It sounds more like an incentive.

How is it possible that everyone ignored the fact that it has been more than 6 months since Morsi took over Egyptand turned it into an Islamic terrorist state, yet during that time Obama had not asked Morsi to step down like he did to Mubarak before him, This is a fact that the mainstream media chose to ignore and still does, while inexplicably the right wing media followed suite..

Now the people in Egypt are in revolt asking Morsi to step down. How about you Obama are you finally ready to ask Morsi to step down, or would you have the Egyptian people do your dirty work.

President Obama, how many Americans have died to ensure our freedoms and the freedoms of others throughout the world? Sir, how can you, as our President, champion a foreign policy that would align our nation with leaders of countries and peoples who are determined to eliminate those precious rights? How can we, as Americans, observe this act of betrayal and not call out for justice.

Do you expect us to just sit here and watch everything we have fought for, for more than 234 years, be dishonored, desecrated and defiled?

Mr. Obama, as President of the United States of America, you swore to protect our Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic. Obama you violated your oath of office, how can you champion a terrorist initiative? Fascism must be defeated, not cajoled, if we are to achieve  a lasting peace. Where are our youthful American patriots? Why are they not asking Obama to step down?

But a larger question looms, where was the GOP and our political pundits, why did they not launch a national campaign in 2013 to demand  Obama  make his intentions known to the American people concerning Mohammed Morsi’s status. Why did Obama  not ask Morsi to step down?

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