Monday, July 15, 2013

Qatada's al-Qaeda backing


Qatada’s al-Qaeda backing

By SIMON HUGHES, Chief Investigative Reporter

Published: 22 hrs ago


HATE preacher Abu Qatada has been publicly backed by al-Qaeda for the first time — just five days since he was finally kicked out of Britain.

The terror network posted a booklet online in which Qatada urges mums to bring up their kids to be suicide bombers.

It is based on a sermon in which he ranted: “We have to train our kids for martyrdom... and train them for jihad.”

Qatada was sent home to Jordan last Sunday over bomb plot charges.

Terror expert Neil Doyle said al-Qaeda had kept quiet while Qatada fought a long extradition battle to stay in Britain.

He said: “The leadership did not want to compromise him. This is a significant first development as it is al-Qaeda’s first public endorsement of Qatada.

“They are clearly trying to exploit his high profile as a leading religious figure among jihadists.”


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