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The Biker Gangs of Delhi- A Scary Development

The Biker Gangs of Delhi- A Scary Development

By Drlamba  |  Posted 5 hours ago  |  Innisfil, Ontario


This article is not intended to be either alarmist or provocative. It is the simple truth, however uncomfortable it may be to those who prefer to be couch potatoes in the purported safety of their cocoons. Because what happened on the night of the June 25 – 26 in the heart of India’s administrative epicenter is clearly an indication of where Indians are headed if they do not take portents seriously. 
On the night of June 25, one noticed very dangerous things happening. Scores of motor cycles, invariably with more than two passengers on each, were racing down the road at very high speeds, forcing aside other traffic. Their contempt for pedestrians (admittedly few at that hour) was blatant. The bikers were all young men (certainly not elderly) and all of them sported traditional Muslim headgear, the white skullcap. They were performing dangerous stunts, including the usual “rear-wheel drive” they must have seen from C-Grade Hollywood films featuring Hell’s Angels and assorted gangs. 
One really did not know what was going on, except that it was most unsavory and unpleasant. Then we saw a number of police pickets along the stretch; all of them were inactive and generally having a yawn. The motorcycle goons did not attack us overtly but they were certainly threatening and making intimidating gestures while riding alongside. I rolled down my window and told the offending ones that I would run them down if they continued their threats. This may have had some effect, since they drove off to bully other cars. This experience was certainly less frightening than other incidents reported in Wednesday’s papers. Around the India Gate area, there were people who complained that the thugs had jumped on their car bonnets and monkeyed around. 
To come to original story, the bikers were heading to the mosque which was already crowded, with people spilling on to the street. Here too, the police pickets were doing nothing to control their criminal behavior. Delhi’s Finest, who had no hesitation beating up sleeping women and children mercilessly at the Ramdev rally last year, were lolling around and watching the open goondaism with complete disinterest. 
The reason for this shut eye was either orders from above, or complicity, or sloth or a combination of all three? In any of these four scenarios, the signs are ominous – of clear and present danger for our country and ancient civilization. I have no hesitation in postulating the thesis that militant Islamic forces are testing the mettle and resolve of the Indian Republic, every now and then, with carefully-strategized acts of provocation. And on each occasion, they have succeeded in showing up our civilian administrative apparatus in its true colors – a floundering vessel manned by hopelessly incompetent and weak flunkeys. 
In January 2011, extremist Islamic forces had taken the Mickey out of the Indian state. Again, the confrontation took place in the heart of the nation’s capital and the Indian republic retreated ignominiously. To give a background for the readers – the Delhi High Court had ordered that the authorities (in this case, the DDA) were permitted to demolish a mosque illegally constructed on public land. The High Court order was passed after many years of deliberation and hearings. However, this was not good enough for an assorted bunch of mullahs and politicians from parties like the Congress and the Samajwadi Party. Two days of open battle followed between inflamed and fanatic Muslim mobs, and a palpably defensive security apparatus, clearly under instructions from high above, not to react. A friend who stays near the affected area told me then that it was a “semi-war” situation, Calcutta 1946 redux. I had referred to it as the beginning of the campaign for the resurrection of the Great Delhi Caliphate. 
Similarly, a few months ago, lakhs of Muslims in Kolkata held a most inflammatory meeting in the heart of the city, the Maidan, to protest against (and now hold your breath) the war crimes trials in Bangladesh against the razakars and pro-Pakistani militia that aided and abetted the Pakistani Army’s genocide of Bengalis during the 1971 liberation war. In other words, Indian Muslims and their ideological masters were rooting for persons who had fought the Indian armed forces, not to mention their fellow Bengalis. 
The Calcutta “protesters” were brought in buses from all parts of West Bengal and shouted the most virulent Islamist slogans. Their banners were no less incendiary. Naturally, the Mamata Banerjee Government did nothing to either control the patently illegal gathering or to ask the Muslim leadership in West Bengal to dilute its posture. A young Army officer posted in Fort William, across the Maidan, told me that he, his brother officers, and the jawans were extremely upset by the disgusting spectacle played out before their eyes. 
In this entire dismal litany, we are, of course, looking only at the most egregious incidents that have somehow caught public attention. This includes the desecration of the war memorial in Mumbai last year by another murderous Muslim mob protesting against another imaginary grievance. The culprits who committed this most heinous offence were caught on camera but one does not know how the Indian state and its justice system have dealt with them. 
There are many who will pretend that all is hunky dory. That the goons on Tuesday night were a bunch of misguided youngsters. Or that this was an isolated incident perpetrated by irresponsible Muslim elements. I can almost hear the secularist storm troopers coming out with drivel like this. However, if the rest of the country’s educated and informed citizens subscribe to these fantasies, it would mean living in self-denial and delusion. 
The official leadership of Indian Islam is now in a state of open confrontation with the Indian state. These people have given up all pretensions of being Indian and the only identity they can and will espouse is that of Islam. The alliance of forces in this abysmal and appalling scenario is disturbing and dangerous. Whenever the mullahs challenged the Indian republic and got away clean with their insurrection, they were instigated, aided and abetted by the Congress and other motley groups. 
As the open season of Islamo-fascism against India continues, it is time to remember one of the greatest thinkers of the last century: 
“Don’t rejoice in his defeat, you men! 
Although the world stood up and stopped the bastard 
The bitch that bore him 
is in heat again” 
The nation is already going through tough times, and has not come to the terms with unimaginable amount of loss of lives in the wake of flood fury in Uttarakhand. It is least expected from youngsters of community to observe shab-e-baraat in a solemn manner. In any case, it has to have different overtones. Sadly, what hundreds (some say thousands) of bikers did on Delhi roads on June 24, 2013 was shocking and hair-raising. Bikers drove with full-speed, performed daredevil stunts and fought with the Delhi Police when asked to behave and follow the traffic rules. 
The Deafening Silence 
And as if that was not enough, the stoic silence of Muslim leaders was equally appalling. They did not condemn the act for behaving like rank ruffians and vagabonds. Shab-e-baraat is also known as the ‘night of blessings’ and ‘glory’ is observed on religious zeal and solemnity. Muslims visit the mosques to offer special prayers all through the night, which according to some traditions is also called as shab-e-qadr (the night of blessings) wherein mass judgments regarding lives, deaths, bestowments and blessings for the next year are made in heaven. Of course, now you would know how important the festival is and deserve to be observed in a very solemn manner. It was celebrated in a solemn way in the Capital, but, things have changed in the last couple of years as some boisterous young men going wild in the night. It is anybody’s guess as to why they have started making mockery of the very essence of shab-e-baraat. 
Kashmiri leadership trying to alienate Muslims from rest of India 
In the light of what happened that day, it was expected that the saner voices from the Muslim community will come out in unison to reprimand all those who were involved in this wild road rage. However, they decided to remain silent. Nobody came forward to call a spade a spade. Even political leaders and TV regulars like Kamal Farooqi, Mateen Ahmed and Rashid Masood for some unknown reasons decided not to take lumpen elements of their community head-on. 
While they are always ready to speak on any subject under the sun, they were not visible when they should taken a tough stand against such wild acts. Sadly, no religious leader could not muster enough courage to take them by horns. With such a weak and meek response, they have done a great disservice to the cause of their community. 
A 2000-strong all-Muslim bikers’ gang recently traumatised the national capital. Their road rage terrified the night traffic in New Delhi. Traffic Police was found napping. Some policemen were wounded and the rest remained bystanders. Even last year, these skull-capped bikers had besieged the Indian Gate circle, performing dangerous stunts. Yet no preparations seemed to be in place. Taj Hassan, Special Commissioner (Traffic), Delhi Police could not be faulted if he were himself busy in Shab-e-Barat festivities! 
Why has the road rage become an integral part of ‘Night of Benediction’? In 2007, it had taken a perilous turn in Agra. Several trucks were burnt down after four bike riders were mowed down. Curfew had to be imposed in the old Mughal capital. Whether it is the city of Taj or of Taj Hassan, the bikers’ daredevilry is no one-night wonder. They seem to be inspired by the methods of medieval Islamic conqueror. Our hallowed security & intelligence analysts might find the episode trivial. They are accustomed to thinking in sub-continental perspective. Many are not conversant with Islamic history. However, the Ulema always takes it lessons of Islamic history. 
Cavalry powered Islamic conquests 
Understand it like this. How did the Muslim invaders rapidly overrun India in the medieval age? It was due the cavalry or the horse-mounted force with its wild advantage of speed. Cavalry warfare was not unknown in classical India. But it was relatively unimportant even as monarchs up to Rana Sanga fought on elephant’s back. India was deficient in equestrian resources. The quality and quantity of indigenous horses were unsatisfactory. 
Muslim leaders silent as bikers invade Capital 
Moreover, Hindus had no knowledge of stirrup for horse riding. The stirrup, comparable to internal combustion machine in a vehicle, was devised in central Asia. It turned horses into formidable war machines. The Turks, Pathans and Mughals were adept in its use. They also controlled the equestrian resources — fine quality Arabic and Turkish horses. The deadly potential of cavalry warfare was unleashed in India by the central Asian Muslims. 
The horses were intrinsic to the power structure under Muslim dynasties. The power pyramid of Mughal Empire was built on the horses. The rank and pay of commanders was consummate with the number of horses they commanded. Francois Bernier found Omrahs – or power elites — holding titles like hazary, douhazary, dehhazary which meant master of one thousand horses, two thousand horses and ten thousand horses respectively. 
Maratha cavalry eclipsed the Mughals 
Throughout the 18th century, the Marathas ate up Mughal territories. This was made possible by a decisive shift in favour of cavalry and artillery in the Maratha army. The infantry had been the prime wing of the Shivaji’s army. But under Peshwa Baji Rao-I, an excellent cavalry general, the composition of the army changed. Cavalry powered Maratha expansion from ‘Attock to Cuttack’. Even in post-Panipat war period the Maratha horsemen under Mahadji Sindhia strafed through Rohilkhand. The Rohila Pathans were punished for cooperating with Ahmed Shah Abdali’s army. 
Goons running amok or budding Islamists flexing muscle? 
The Sikhs also distinguished themselves as storm troopers on horseback. Post-Aurangzeb the bankrupt Mughal Empire was going to seeds. Cavalry bore its burnt, as maintaining horses was an expensive proposition. A Mughal recruit was afraid more of losing his horse than his life. 
The great age of cavalry warfare came to an end in third Anglo-Maratha war in 1818. The British, in that war, crushed the Pindaris, the plunderers patronised by the Marathas. 
The dark age of cavalry 
This great age of horses was actually a dark age. Horses were commanded by ruling elite and military. It deprived the civilian of speed and freedom thus stunting the public life. It was the British who brought the advantage of speed and freedom to the civilians in form of the railways. Public life could thus crystallise in India in second half of the 19th century. 
Islam’s modern horsepower 
The biking Muslims are taking a leaf out of the medieval cavalry’s book. Our strategic and intelligence experts may think otherwise. But the Ulema always take a look into precedents of Islamic history. The biker brigade is a modern-day cavalry, in urban perspective in peace time. Though they carry no weapon, their object is to terrify the non-Muslim population. They want to frighten the non-believers into submission. Islam’s sheaf is younger, given the higher rate of population growth amongst Muslim. 
Biking rage is also a part of the ‘training’. Islam seems to be readying itself for ultimate civil confrontation in India. In Kerala, the Popular Front had instituted such biking programmes. Muslim biker gangs operate on the outskirts of Kolkata. A few years ago Sydney, Australia was rocked by Muslim biker gangs. 
Muslims reading incomplete history 
While it is true that Turks and Mughals could overrun India due to superior cavalry, the tables were turned upon them by the Marathas and the Sikhs. If Muslim youth have bikes, Hindus have more of them. It is another thing that they do not indulge in monstrous biking culture. But if they decide to wheel it out, it would not exactly be a happy situation for Muslims 


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