Monday, July 8, 2013

The Key to Today's Global Jihad is Oil Money


The Key to Today's Global Jihad is Oil Money

Posted: 07 Jul 2013 01:39 PM PDT

Money is the power behind jihad. This has been the case since Muhammad began his raids on caravans. Look at the graph below. Before Muslims started gaining plunder, their numbers hardly increased for 13 years. Once the money started coming in, Islam's success rate skyrocketed.



Plunder from raids was only part of the cash flow. They also confiscated goods from the Jews they expelled from Medina (and the Jews they slaughtered, taking their women and children as slaves).


The other very crucial part of Islamic cash flow has been jizya taken from dhimmis. Jizya is a tax on Christians and Jews. As long as they remain subordinate and pay their non-Muslim tax, they are allowed to remain Christians and Jews under Islamic law.


All of these forms of income are parasitical. They take wealth from non-Muslims and use it to advance the cause of Islam.


The exploitation of oil's monopoly of the transportation fuel market is the modern version of jizya. The non-Muslims of the world paid OPEC nations over a TRILLION dollars last year (nine of the twelve OPEC nations are Muslim countries). That number should make you sit down to catch your breath. It is a literally incomprehensible sum of money. 


Just like the use of jizya in Muhammad's time, Islamic fundamentalists are draining the wealth of non-Muslims, trying to keep them weak and struggling, while strengthening and enriching their prime directive.


This can be stopped with fuel competition. Petroleum must get so much competition that we strip it of its strategic status. This will cause oil prices to drop, which will cut off money now going to build madrassas around the world and funding suicide bombers and sleeper cells and mosques that promote hatred and violence, etc. — fuel competition will cut off money now funding jihad

Many abundantly available fuels can successfully compete with oil better than ever before (because of the Save the King Foundation). The single most effective thing we can do to marginalize, discredit, and disempower Islamic fundamentalism in the world is to give those fuels a chance to compete with oil in the fuel market. 

In America, an Open Fuel Standard bill has just been introduced into Congress. It will make fuel competition a reality in the United States. If you are an American citizen, please urge your Representative to co-sponsor this bill. Learn more about it here.

The key to jihad is money. The key to curbing jihad is cutting off the money.



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