Monday, March 3, 2014

Carolyn Glick's words should be used by Obama victims everywhere

'Bring it on. We aren’t afraid of you'

Carolyn Glick’s words should be used by Obama victims everywhere

By Judi McLeod (

The words Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick used to answer Barack Hussein Obama’s threats that he would warn Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that time is running out for Israel to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians: “I think Obama needs to realize that he is not scaring us”  are the very words Obama victims everywhere need to hurl back at him.

“He says, beware and we say, ‘Bring it on. We aren’t afraid of you’, Glick told Breitbart News on Sunday.

Threatening Israel could be Obama’s cover for failing in Ukraine.

Like most double crossing bullies, Obama only goes after those he perceives as vulnerable.

Tiny Israel has been standing up for itself from the get-go and is surviving against the anti-Israel activist movement that calls itself the Palestinians.

Israel is the nation it is because it is blessed with the courage of thousands of Caroline Glicks.

Obama is milquetoast weak in the Russian invasion of Ukraine and vengeful to Israel only because he thinks he can get away with it.

But the image the mainstream media paints for him is starting to wobble like jelly.

The masses are aware that the tides always wash away his red lines in the sand and know it is Obama who plans to bring the US military back to pre World War 11 status, not President Vladimir Putin’s Red Army.

Not even the White House release of a photo depicting a blue-jean clad Obama in the Oval Office listening on the telephone to Putin can erase the image of Obama as world wuss.

Talking tough to Israel while sending mealy-mouthed messages to Putin is about as effective as his weekly jogging inside the White house with Vice President Joe Biden.

Obama’s threats released Sunday afternoon warning that “the window is closing for a peace deal that both the Israelis can accept and the Palestinians can accept—in part because of changes in demographics,” adding that Israel was on a path “to what amounts to a permanent occupation of the Wet Bank”, along with international pressure and isolation, is so much sabre-rattling from a failed leader.

“Glick disputed Obama’s claims vigorously.  “The demographic data (Obama) is using to threaten Israel with destruction are phony.  Even officials at the U.S. Census Bureau privately acknowledge that demographics work in Israel’s favor and to the Palestinians’ detriment,” she said, noting that Palestinian growth had been inflated.

“When he talks about a permanent occupation, we speak of a permanent liberation.  We are not ‘occupying’ the West Bank of the Jordan.  These areas are part of the sovereign territory allocated to the Jewish people by the international community as far back as 1922.  They were never granted to anyone else in a legally binding way.

“More than three quarters of the Jews of Israel believe in incorporating all or parts of the West Bank into Israel on a permanent basis,” she added.  “We know the two-state peace plan is a lie,  We know the PLO wants to destroy Israel more than it wants a Palestinian state.  And we know that we will not lose our Jewish majority if we incorporate the West Bank into Israel.

“He says, beware and we say, ‘Bring it on.  We aren’t afraid of you.’”

More timely words have never been uttered.

God bless you, Caroline Glick.


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