Sunday, March 2, 2014

2014 Extreme Ammo Shortage Coming Soon

2014 Extreme Ammo Shortage Coming Soon

The stage is set for the mother of all ammunition shortages to occur. Obama recently issued a warning that there ‘would be costs’ for Russia intervening in Ukraine and that is very correct starting with the costs and availability for the American consumer of ammunition and other ‘prepper’ supplies. Except for certain calibers such as 9mm and some .22, many reports were ammunition supplies were slowing returning to normal. But with the first real threat of American versus Russian forces there will be very little left to buy. Recent events have show the shelves can go bare in less than an hour.

The ammunition shortages have come in waves over the past few years. There is a very good article on Wikipedia about some of the causes. With each mass shooting such as Sandy Hook,  Virginia Tech, Aurora shooting, and the Washington Navy Yard shooting that triggers a call for gun control the general public has responded by flooding the gun shows and buying everything they can. Nightly videos and interviews of people waiting in gun show lines only helps add to the lines for the Sunday show time. The fear factor hard at work is very effective on the masses.

Each incident that will well-publicized in the media that does have an admitted bias towards gun control has created a wave of new buyers that enter the market. Part of the news reporting cycle after each mass killing is showing Americans in long lines at gun shows. Each incident convinces another group of Americans that their gun rights are at risk and pushes them over the edge to take action and they find themselves supporting the 2nd amendment but also many will embrace the idea of ‘prepping’. On a personal note I have witnessed the transition of many from thinking anybody prepping needed to wear a ‘tin foil hat’ to becoming full blown preppers themselves. As soon as someone’s paradigm is changed so will their behavior. 

During the past ammunition shortages word spread at what time certain retailers would stock their shelves. I have met people who would visit a store every morning at that time to buy their allotment and then sell it to others for a profit. Accusations, rumors and tempers fly in the store aisles from frustrated consumers. One very large local national retailer that I visited a few nights ago had recently moved all handgun ammunition to behind the counter. Other stores already had signs that limited ammunition sales to those that bought guns. I knew people that were so desperate for 9mm they would go to the gun range and buy as much as they could with multiple people in tow while only shooting a little and then taking out all the ammo. Each round had cost them quite a bit when factoring the range costs but they did get the ammo. 

All those shootings combined will pale in comparison to the fear that will be generated when American and Russian forces come head-to-head for what many expect could be the start of World War III. In a matter of days could come a full page red headline on the Drudge report that war is imminent with American and Russian forces having each other in range over the Ukraine situation and there will be a mass rush to the local stores for supplies that in many cases are not going to be available for sale.

We’ve already had some previews of what it will be like. When there is a shortage of any product there is also opportunity for making money. Black markets will most likely appear as people who has stock piled ammo they would like to see for a profit find creative ways to find willing consumers. On March 1st I am seeing target grade 9mm for thirty cents a round on this website that is highly recommended for watching ammunition prices. During the last shortage I heard of the same ammo going for one dollar a round at a local gun show and selling. What will be the price per round when the armies are in position? How about after the first shot is fired? And then after large scale loss of life during the conflict?

People will be resourceful to do their best to meet the needs of consumers with money. The 2014 Ammunition Shortage will be quite an opportunity for many to make money. During the last shortage some business had signs they bought ammo just like buying gold. During the upcoming showdown with Russia ammunition will be like gold.


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