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No Freedom for Christians in Kazakhstan

No Freedom for Christians in Kazakhstan

Christians in Kazakhstan are longing for equality and freedom after a series of government attacks on Kazakhstan's dwindling Christian communities. Kazakhstan consists of a 70% Muslim population, 24% Christian, and the other 6% contains atheists, Jews, Hindus, and Pagans. 

Christians, and other minorities have been persecuted in Kazakhstan for many years during 1920`s, that was under Stalin`s rule, but mostly recently a new form of hatred against Christians has arose, and that come from the Islamic majority. 

Here comes a photo from Asia News that exposes how Christians are treated by officials in Kazakhstan. Baptists, Orthodox Christians, and Hare Krishnas (a Hindu movement) have been persecuted in Kazakhstan, the report also reads that the Methodist Church is also under the spotlight of police. 

Christians are also being jailed for practising their religion, here is another report: 

A nineteen-year-old Baptist man was fined for attending a worship meeting without permission from the government. As a matter of principle he opted for civil disobedience and refused to pay the fines. "Council of Churches Baptists think such fines are wrong, as neither Kazakhstan's Constitution nor the country's international human rights obligations allow punishments for exercising human rights without state permission." As punishment, the man was sentenced to 10 days in prison.

And another one: 

Twelve icons and three Bibles were confiscated from a bookstore in Kazakhstan and have not yet been returned. "The Kazakh state must defend our citizens from harmful materials," an official said. The bookstore owner faces an administrative case and heavy fines. 

According to the Kazakh Constitution, any books are illegal unless declared legal by the government, therefore the Bible, theTorah and the Bhagavad Gita are illegal scriptures according to Kazakh law. 

Another report by News Asia also reports the following: 

Last March, in less than a week, five Baptists in the northern region of Akmola were stopped because "distributing Christian literature" in the street. The police requisitioned the books (one hundred in all) and local sources add, arrested two of them "as if they were criminals." The judiciary has opened an investigation and they risk a conviction in criminal court: the distribution of Christian material, in Kazakhstan, is now a crime punishable by law. Copies of the Bible in Kazakh and the Gospels in Russian were also seized.

In addition to Christians, Hare Krishnas are also in the crosshairs of the authorities on charges of distributing "extremist literature". The incident occurred in April in the east of the country. Now judges must decide whether to refer them to trial. In recent days, instead proceedings against two Jehovah's Witnesses, on trial for having spoken in public about their faith in the northern region of Kostanai, were shelved.


Here are the Hare Krishnas of Kazakhstan, their temple was recently destroyed by the government. 

In conclusion minorities are treated as non-humans in Kazakhstan, the non-Muslim population is constantly persecuted by Jihad and Islam.


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