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O'Reilly: Obama's a patriot! ???


Feb 28, 2014 / 28Adar I, 5774

O'Reilly: Obama's a patriot!

By Dave Weinbaum | This from a man touted for his journalistic expertise and his analytical prowess — number one on cable news for 14 years!

I like O'Reilly. His show is fun to watch and informative.

I'd give Bill an "A-" for his interview of President Obama before the Super Bowl.

He got Barack on the record for a lot of things the MSM couldn't or wouldn't ask.

O'Reilly was respectful and interrupted appropriately. He may have pressed more on the "not a smidgeon of corruption" comment on the IRS or Obama's blaming Bill and Fox for his problems, but there was an element of time.

If you want to be number one stop insisting on being full of number two

OK, Bill, fair and balanced: What were you thinking, smoking, drinking or pill popping when you opined that President Barack Obama is a patriot? Since I've heard no confession of wrongness on your part, I'd like to remind Mr. Numero Uno of cable what our "patriotic" President has stood for and against for the last six years — much of it reported by you:


  • A dictum from Obama's FCC to "monitor" America's newsrooms. You know damn well what this is about and it wasn't the first time Obama has floated it. It won't be the last, either. Do you think closing down Fox News is patriotic?
  • Obama's own words disqualify him as a patriot. Candidate Obama called Bush "Unpatriotic" for running up half the debt he piled on in a similar time. Do this President's words mean nothing to you?
  • How is it patriotic to have a president who backs his AG into covering up funneling American automatic rifles into the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels? Border guard, Bryan Terry was shot dead by Mexicans with an Obama/Holder supplied rifle while he was shooting bean bags back. You like the folks. Maybe you could ask Bryan Terry's family if they think Obama is a patriot.
  • Keystone Pipeline studies show it's safe and would immediately put 20,000 Americans to work plus thousands more at refineries and delivery. Yet, Mr. Patriot won't budge. Why?
  • Obama won't build the no-brainer Keystone, but he'll give a $trillion to the Solyndras of the world. As you reported, most of that money has vanished. Should taxpayers think this is the act of a patriot?
  • The welfare state has exploded under the guidance of this president. Over 47 million and growing are on food stamps and only 62.8% of Americans haven't yet dropped out of the job market. The Obama Administration is now encouraging Americans to drop an unwanted job and get on the Obamacare and welfare dole, thus ruining the American dream for millions of citizens, many of them minorities. Now THAT'S patriotic, right O'Reilly?
  • Obama via his lackey, DOD's Hagel, wants to cut the military to the quick, including their benefits, to a point lower than pre WW2. Within three days of the announcement, a Russian warship docked in Cuba and the Red Army is invading the Ukraine as I write this, already raising the Rusky flag over that independent state. Ever wonder why Japan felt safe enough to bomb Pearl Harbor or al-Qaeda leading up to 9/11?
  • Obamacare. Do you think the constant promise of keeping your insurance if you liked it --PERIOD -- or keeping your doc if you like him/her -- PERIOD -- was patriotic? In the civilian world, baiting people to buy something based on those kinds of lies is a crime called fraud of the inducement.
  • Think the families of the Benghazi four--Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Ty Woods and Sean Smith--feel Obama and Hillary "What difference at this point does it make? " Clinton are patriots? We now know they lied to the faces of these people regarding their dead sons. We STILL aren't sure where those two high -up servants to the people were that night or how it came down.


"…Obama is an eloquently tailored empty suit—no resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works…nothing but abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of real substance." Dr. Jack Wheeler, June 5th, 2008. Bill, as a man of the people I polled my FB friends with this question: After interviewing Obama, O'Reilly said he felt Obama was a "patriot." Do you agree?

Clay: I do. I believe he loves America, but advocates poor policies. Kinda like Jimmy Carter

Susie: I think Obama hates this country and all that it stands for, he is a Communist Muslim.

Rick: Looks like Bill has been into the Kool Aid again.

Laura: Bill didn't want to end up like Glenn Beck.

Rich: For which country?

Doug: Bill is a CHEERLEADER for Obama

Anna: WTF? Has he lost his mind?

Jenn: I think he's been hitting the crack pipe. (Not sure she was talking about you, Obama—or both).

Now for the word of the day and comment combined:

Skip: O'Reilly's a patridiot.

Bill, I've heard you criticize Sharpton without spin but in the face of Obama one has to wonder if you are afraid of being called a RACIST!

The tip of the day is directed at one person. Bill O'Reilly, STOP THE SPINNING AND GET A SPINE!

Or am I wrong?


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