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Czech Zeman speaks against EU soft policy on terrorism

He’s right.


Czech Zeman speaks against EU soft policy on terrorism

published: 27.06.2013, 13:05 | updated: 27.06.2013 13:18:23

Berlin - Czech President Milos Zeman criticised the EU for its "soft "approach to terrorism, comparing it to the Western appeasement of the growing Nazi and fascist powers in the 1930s at a lecture he delivered at the Humboldt University during his visit to Germany today.

Zeman said any talks with terrorists brought about the growth in their strength.

Attack on international terrorism should be the main task of common foreign policy, Zeman said, speaking in favour of a common military and economic policy of the EU.

"Fighting international terrorism is the main task of foreign policy. In my view, international terrorism is the main danger of the 21st century," Zeman said.

"We know from the history of appeasement that Hitler, Mussolini and others were stronger and stronger after any stage of negotiations," Zeman said.

The appeasement policy was to hamper the expansion of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. However, the Western powers were still unable to prevent the outbreak of World War Two.

Zeman went on to support the idea of common European defence.

He said the EU needed a joint military.

On the other hand, police bodies should remain fully within the powers of individual governments, Zeman said.

He said the USA had interfered in the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, although this was European territory, which was "shameful" for Europe.

Zeman also supported EU common economic policy.

"Underinvestment of European economy is the main cause of the current economic crisis," Zeman said.

EU countries more consume rather than invest, which is the cause of their falling competitiveness, he added.

There was one demonstrator outside the Humboldt University. A Czech living in Berlin waved the banner saying "Milos Zeman is a security risk for the Czech Republic."

Zeman is now on a two-day state visit to Germany. Upon arrival in Berlin on Wednesday, he was received by German President Joachim Gauck and then met Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Author: ČTK

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