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Flood Used as Cover for Firearm Confiscation

Flood Used as Cover for Firearm Confiscation

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Residents of the High River area of Alberta, Canada, who had already been evacuated from their homes for more than a week were further angered Thursday when it was announced that the Mounted Police were seizing firearms from evacuated homes.

The Mounties claimed they had urgent need to enter each of the homes, and they further said that they only seized guns that were stored unsafely in plain sight.

"We just want to make sure that all of those things are in a spot that we control, simply because of what they are," said Sgt. Brian Topham. “People have a significant amount of money invested in firearms … so we put them in a place that we control and that they’re safe."

Officials say the guns will be returned once the evacuation order is lifted -- provided residents can provide proof of ownership.

The whole situation seems a little convenient.

You have to wonder what "urgent need" would require officials to forcibly enter evacuated homes and search for firearms. You might also wonder why the authorities didn't simply patrol flooded areas and guard against looters if they were worried about residents' property.

Then there's the likelihood that not every resident will be likely to have proof of ownership of guns taken from their homes. People inherit firearms, and sometimes they just don't keep records.

"Now what they’re doing is looking for firearms and ammunition.  How do they have the right to do that? What does that have to do with the disaster?  … This is martial law.  What has happened to our country?" business owner Brenda Lackey asked the Globe and Mail.

The evacuees are already angry at what they view as an incompetent government that has not allowed them to return to their homes and deal with flood damage. Late this week, some had threatened to break through barricades keeping them from their property.

At one such barricaded road, a police official tried to convince residents the evacuation was for their own good. One member of the crowd shouted, "Are we children? We're adults!"

That's a liberal government for you. It has to control everything because it views the public as children, especially when it comes to issues like gun control.

In the liberal state, it's you who can't be trusted.

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