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60,000 acre Turkish govt mega mosque complex will target abolishing Islamophobia


I urge you to read more..and the comments. We now have Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Turkey going full blast in their financial extension into our country. Mosques, private schools open to non-Muslims as well, Mid-East study programs, support of politicians and academicians, out-reach to poor communities and minority groups,  support from celebrities and the open arms of previous and especially the present Administration. Did I fail to mention the Arab Lobby in the State Department, the U.N. and the oil industry? All of the above pushing for accommodation, Sharia law and political correctness.

It's way past wake up..You must open your mouths in order to clear the minds of those who can't be bothered.





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60,000 acre Turkish govt mega mosque complex will target abolishing Islamophobia

by lburt

60,000 acre Turkish govt mega mosque complex will target abolishing Islamophobia

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In other words, they will be targeting Americans First Amendment rights and waging legal jihad.

via “Turkish village” in America targets abolishing Islamophobia | World Bulletin.

The “Turkish village” complex will be built on 60 thousand acres area in Maryland province of the US with an aim to abolish Islamaphobia following September 11 attacks.

Dr. Yasar Colak, Washington Embassy Religious Affairs Counselor and President of Turkish American Community Center, expressed they made a dream come true of Muslims in America.

Land for the Turkish village was bought in 2003, the construction began in 2012 and it is planned to conclude within 1.5 years, Colak said adding the new building would be designed in accordance with 16th century Ottoman architecture and there would be a museum for displaying Turkish-Islamic work of art.

“We will show our friends in the US who we actually are and the main principle of our civilization. We will present our peaceful culture. We will try to erase the bad reputation of Muslims and Islam created following September 11 attacks,” Colak said.

Turkish village will have sports facilities for the young and a garage complementary of the mosque. There is also a cultural center with exhibition halls, conference halls and library,” Colak noted.

Colak added that the funding for the project was supported through donations by Muslims, alongside the support of the Turkish Religious Affairs.



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