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Carl F. Worden

June 26, 2013


Forget Benghazi, forget the AP/Rosen and IRS scandals!  As best as can be determined, the only scandal that poses enough threat to remove President Obama from office is the apparent fact that Obama was never born on U.S. soil and is not a natural-born citizen of the United States.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s team of investigators have solid proof that the birth certificate provided by Obama is a computer-generated fake, and now a fellow employed by the Hawaii Elections Division has come forward to state he was told by Hawaii officials that there is no long form birth certificate for Obama, either in the Hawaiian vital statistics archives or at the hospitals Obama claims to be born in.  You can read the latest article @


In spite of the mountain of evidence that Obama was never a natural born citizen of the U.S., Democratic leaders still insist Obama was eligible to be president, which is no surprise.  But what is very troubling is the number of senior Republican congressional leaders who simply state they, “believe” Obama is a natural born citizen no matter how big the mountain of evidence disproving that belief is.  I find their comments extraordinarily similar to statements made by members of both political parties who use the same phraseology when they try to defend a law as constitutional when it is more than obvious such a law is not!  In fact, that phraseology is so stock that it is now obvious our elected officials all use it to avoid charges of treason.  After all, if a senator or representative simply states they believe this or that law or act is constitutional, they can claim simple error in understanding as a defense rather than be accused of deliberate high treason.


However, the fact remains that the intent to conceal Obama’s ineligibility remains quite high, and it is also an obvious fact that this conspiracy to conceal Obama’s ineligibility involves high-ranking elected officials from both parties.  If it were not for that glaring, ugly and treasonous fact, a solid Republican effort to unseat Obama would have succeeded already — but the powers that be from both parties clearly do not want it to.  The exact identities of these traitorous Republicans is easily determined by their laughable insistence that they still believe Obama is a natural born U.S. citizen regardless of the vast and growing amount of solid evidence he is not.


While it is clear a number of junior members of Congress want action taken on this issue, their higher-ranking leaders in the Republican Party are definitely keeping their efforts in check.  Even Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly still insists he believes Obama is a natural born citizen, all the while practically screaming about Benghazi, the IRS and AP/Rosen/Justice Department scandals, and yet the evidence of White House culpability in those matters is still being discovered while the evidence of Obama’s ineligibility is now beyond question!  What does that tell you?


I remain convinced that high-ranking and treasonous members of both political parties are acting in cooperation to allow the United States of America to be overtaken in a coup following the economic collapse anyone with half-a-brain can see coming right at us all like a speeding and virtually unstoppable freight train, and they want Obama to stay in office for some reason when it does.  I sincerely believe the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to round-up and/or kill American citizens on U.S. soil when the predictable riots break out all over the U.S., and I believe this explains why certain high-ranking members of the Republican Party are insisting the NSA/U.S. citizen spying scandal is not only necessary, but legal under the Constitution when all of us informed and educated citizens know very well it is a gross violation without excuse.  All they have to say is they don’t believe it is illegal and that the courts would have to decide whether it is or not — and the plain wording of the Constitution be damned!


The purchase of millions of rounds of hollow-point ammo by DHS (not cheaper, full metal jacket ammo used for training) causing a citizen shortage, and their desperate effort to enact draconian and unconstitutional laws to ban Militia-necessary semi-automatic rifles with standard capacity magazines is quite telling, because if they wanted to prevent murders, they’d have gone after handguns instead.  Outside of rare instances like the Sandy Hook massacre, those weapons are rarely used in domestic crimes, mainly because unlike handguns, they are virtually impossible to conceal.  But if the treasonous powers are more concerned with their own safety, they certainly do not want us citizens to have access to small arms, magazines and ammo that are nearly equal to what DHS personnel intend to use against the citizens when the time comes.


It is now more than evident that all U.S. citizens’ telephone calls, e-mails, texts and all the rest are being fully recorded and stored by NSA in addition to the basic telephone records of one telephone number calling another the NSA claimed to store with no actual content recorded.  That is an obvious lie, and what reveals that lie is the massive facility being built in Utah by the NSA.  They certainly do not need that kind of storage capacity to keep just the records of telephone numbers calling other telephone numbers and the mere duration of the calls.  They want to know which citizens need to be neutralized before an organized effort can be brought to bear against them, and they need that content to reveal which citizens pose a threat.


In the meantime, there is no real effort being made to impeach this president by the Republican Party, nor to pursue a Supreme Court resolution to this president’s eligibility to be president in pure defiance of the evidence against him.  There is only one conclusion any intelligent, thinking person can come to, and that is the fact there is a bi-partisan effort to deceive the public and ultimately commit high treason against all of us.


Carl F. Worden 






  1. Re Sheriff Joe:

  2. Obama was born on US soil, in Kapiolani Hospital in Hawaii, as his birth certificate, confirmed by the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii, shows. And the birth certificate is further confirmed by the public Index Data file and the birth notices sent to the Hawaii newspapers by the DOH of Hawaii in 1961.

  3. Re: Sheriff Joe:

  4. Talk about a conspiracy to deceive the public.

    WHY have birthers never even show proof that Obama's mother had a passport in 1961 (and if she did not have a passport, she could not have gone overseas---since Hawaii does not have borders with Mexico or Canada)? BTW, the date on which Obama's mother's passport file was created is unlikely to have been lost or scratched off of her passport file, and birthers obtained her passport file---but they have not said whether or not it was created in 1961. (I wonder why they didn't say?)

    Why do you suppose that birthers want us to continue to believe that there is a rational chance that Obama's mother traveled overseas in 1961 if they have not even shown that she had a passport at the time? (And very very few 18-year-olds had passports in 1961---for that matter even fewer, thousands of times fewer, women traveled overseas in the last few months of pregnancy in 1961 due to the high rate of stillbirths in those days.)

    So why do you think that birther sites have not shown whether or not she even had a passport-----and yet they want us to believe that she traveled overseas in 1961 and that the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii are lying about it?

    Oh, and why did birther sites LIE themselves when they claimed that Obama's Kenyan grandmother said that he was born in Kenya-------when she actually said repeatedly that he was born in HAWAII? Why did they simply cut off the tape just BEFORE she was asked "Where was he born" And why do you suppose they did not quote her answer to that, which was "In Hawaii, where his father was studying at the time."

    So why did birther sites lie about what Obama's Kenyan grandmother said, and not tell us whether or not Obama's mother had a passport in 1961----and not tell us how very very few women traveled late in pregnancy in that year----and still want us to believe that there is a rational chance that the officials of BOTH parties in Hawaii are lying about the existence of Obama's Hawaii birth certificate and that Obama was born in a foreign country?