Monday, June 24, 2013

Community Organizer Vs. KGB Spy Master


Community Organizer Vs. KGB Spy Master

June 24, 2013 by Alan P. Halbert

The irony of intervention in Syria is it will become a proxy war between two old die-hard enemies Communism and Democracy. Only now, the tables have been turned with Obama representing the interests of socialism and Putin secular government, albeit with a totalitarian flare.

Obama has been lighting fuses and fanning flames all across the Middle East for several years now and has embraced the Islamist cause for a restored Sunni Caliphate with Putin standing firm for secular governments. Putin has been vocal on the condemnation of Obama for his alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood so he is supporting Syria and other interests in the Middle East: Hezbollah and as proxies for Iran to name just two in the region.

Not to mention that Russia is playing for the last military installation outside of the old defunct U.S.S.R, the Tarlus Naval facility which gives the Russian’s a naval presence in the Mediterranean through Syria, and they are not wanting to let this jewel go without a fight as this is now a matter of national pride.

This turn of events is troubling to see after all the blood, sweat and tears shed to destroy the Russian Bear, and Communism during the cold war, having its goals resurrected is destabilizing especially if Obama takes the bait.

Obama’s forays in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and now Syria have been counter intuitive since all the regimes and allies have been deposed with his support and weapons being given to the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda factions. This leaves Israel standing firm, even more isolated. Obama’s actions have led to Israel losing their only peace treaty in the region with Egypt and are surrounded by enemies on all sides.

Can WWIII and Armageddon be far off…?

Frankly, Sarah Palin is correct with her statement, “let Allah sort them out” in regard to intervention in Syria, better to have the Islamist’s clean-up their own mess than allow American blood to be shed for people that hate us.

Now factor in the perfectly timed revelation of our spying on Russia last year in the news at just the right moment and we have a potential powder keg of a standoff with Russia. Which has already put a damper on the latest G-8 meeting in Ireland.

This is such a different reception between these leaders especially given that Obama groveled before Russian President Medvedev about reducing our nuclear arsenal in South Korea last year, after giving him his assurance that he would be more “flexible” after his re-election.

With the latest revelations about Obama’s misadventures, misdeeds and scandals coming to light, which is putting his “transformative” agenda in jeopardy, nothing distracts like the threat of war.

Just ask Clinton about how effective “wag the dog” was to his many scandals. Obama is this callous and craven to bring this to fruition, as he is anxious for anything to distract everyone from the wave of condemnation his many scandals are currently receiving. However, he is not the equal of Putin; his bona-fides were ruthlessly forged in the KGB so we can be assured that Obama the feckless Community Organizer would come out on the losing end of this match-up, he is simply outclassed, outgunned, out-manned and outwitted.

Obama is no match for Putin; these photos tell the whole story.

With the latest revelations of the NSA, being splashed across the worldwide media only heightens the tension between these two rivals. It is one thing to spy on one another, revealing it in the media is another matter entirely. With the massive NSA, facility in Utah going operational in October can only increase the tension and possibility of a conflict that could rapidly spin out of control.

Leaving this facility squarely in the cross hairs of Russia and their ability to reach out and touch someone…With Obama at the helm, this is more of a possibility than under any other president in the modern era…

One telling flaw the NSA spying scandal has suggested it seems to focus on electronic monitoring. We have known for years that groups like al Qaeda have moved away and minimized these methods of communication leaving a glaring hole in low-tech old school methods of intelligence gathering and intercepting our enemy’s intentions.

The Bin Laden raid confirmed this fact…

So why the dire need to continue with the programs that have been outed and now focuses predominately on citizens? At this point, all these revelations and actions can achieve is to sow seeds of distrust with our own citizens, allies and enemies alike.


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