Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cyber attack on New English Review website


A person who is connected with the New English Review website
confirmed to me this morning (June 5) that a cyber attack took down
their website. The website is located in the Nashville area.
The New English Review is critical of militant Islam. How strange
after the raucous meeting on June 4 between the supporters of free speech
and Obama's Department of Justice and the infiltrated FBI that this
would occur?
Maybe I am just being paranoid ? Maybe it was simply a string of
unrelated incidents occurring within 24 hours ?
Last night over 2,000 patriots showed up in the small town of
Manchester, Tennessee to protest Bill Killian, the DOJ Attorney
for East Tennessee talking about how it could potentially be
a hate crime to say or write anything negative about Islam.
We will not cower. We will not be intimidated. We will not relinquish
our God given rights under the Constitution to a pack of Sharia loving
Muslims. We do believe that the Constitution is the supreme law
of this land. And furthermore we deeply believe that Sharia is totally
incompatible with the U S. Constitution.
Even a simpleton like Eric (With)Holder must understand this basic fact.
Yeah, right?
In hoc signo vinces;

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