Friday, June 7, 2013

Delay On Oil Solutions, Part Of Obama's Plans for Sure Death To America


Obama is willing to cede our sovereignty over to the United Nations

Delay On Oil Solutions, Part Of Obama’s Plans for Sure Death To America

By Jerry McConnell (Bio and Archives) Friday, June 7, 2013
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Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity has pretty much summed up Obama’s plan for the ruination of America. In my opinion he hits the nail squarely on dead center when he states in an online publication dated June 05, 2013 “Obama and his big-government allies are wasting YOUR money to prop up their failed energy policies!”

Since Obama became our president in 2009, he has been solely responsible for the increase in the cost of gasoline which was only $1.86 a gallon in 2008, the year of his lightning strike campaign, to the current $4.00 a gallon in many places around the country now in 2013, just five years later.

Phillips points out that Obama has “ignored the heavy toll gas prices have taken on American families like yours and mine. Instead, he continues to gamble your money away into failed programs and green stimulus spending.”

Obama’s support and financial backing of failed programs such as Solyndra where he flat out wasted a half billion dollars in order to pump up his friends and cronies is a good example of how he has worked against the American people who are now finding out about his bad investments.

The two executives of the Solyndra firm, Brian Harrison and W. G. Stover, who took the Fifth Amendment during a Congressional hearing have never spent a day in jail. After much hoopla and furor and Congressional investigations it was determined that the failure of Solyndra was chiefly due to the collapse of the solar panel market.

But this and other setbacks have not deterred Obama’s desires for “green” spending even though China has seemingly cornered the market on “green” production materials.

Returning to the conundrum of ever increasing gasoline prices it seems mystifying that the Obama Administration totally ignores the answers to the problem which are made clear to him that are right here at hand and waiting to be implemented. I’m talking about the Keystone XL Pipeline which could be replacing Middle East oil countries in nearly every American community at a great saving of American taxpayer dollars.

As Tim Phillips says in his online publication referred to above, “The Obama administration could easily help the economy by approving the now-infamous Keystone Pipeline, rolling back excessive regulations on coal plants, expanding offshore drilling, and opening up federal land to natural gas exploration. These are all proven sources of energy that would undoubtedly provide a boom of jobs and economic growth to America at a time when we desperately need it.”

Imagine that, ‘Jobs and economic growth’! But sadly, this is exactly what Obama doesn’t want. If this successful venture were placed in operation it could as stated, provide “a boom of jobs and economic growth to America” which would be counter productive to Obama’s plan to turn America into a Socialist-Communist country and surrender its sovereignty to the corrupt and greedy United Nations.

And as Phillips has stated, “instead of implementing these no-brainer solutions and proven sources of energy, President Obama and his big-government allies are wasting YOUR money to prop up their failed energy policies! Despite the crippling failures and rampant cronyism of Solyndra and Fisker Automotive, the administration plans to channel another $12 BILLION in government subsidies to even more of these “green energy” companies.”

The Republican Party that has control of the U. S. Congress House of Representatives has voted on many occasions to take action which would provide the benefits that the Keystone Pipeline could create for America, but the un-American Democrat Party including the Obama Administration and the U. S. Senate have consistently used their majority status to thwart Republican efforts to solve the energy problems.

Piece by piece, bit by bit, through bogus “treaties” with the United Nations, Obama is willing to cede our sovereignty over to the United Nations. He is losing Democrat support, but not enough. It is taking too long for the others to come around to the realization that United Nations control of so many pieces of our Constitution are being substituted by Communist dictates.

I ask all those Americans who have voted for Obama, “can’t you see what this man is doing to our country?” He is totally under United Nations control and attempting to destroy us according to the wishes of his superiors in the United Nations. But ultimately, you are the problem for sanctioning him.


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