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FBI Raids Conservative Site For Writing Article About Obama's Birth Certificate



FBI Raids Conservative Site For Writing Article About Obama’s Birth Certificate

AUTHOR Bookworm

June 8, 2013 11:28am PST

UPDATE: Since publishing this report, we’ve learned that the National Report story about an FBI and DOJ raid on their offices is false. We’re not beating ourselves up too much, though, for having reported it here. The fact is that, with daily reports about the Obama administration’s heavy-handed approach to anyone or anything that challenges the administration, whether using the IRS to harass conservative or the criminal justice system to harass journalists, it was actually reasonable to believe that this could happen — and if that’s not a sad commentary on life in America today, we really don’t know what is.

We’re not withdrawing this story from publication because the fact that it is false but still believable, is in and of itself, newsworthy. So, please enjoy what turns out to have been a good hoax, but keep in mind that it speaks a great deal about today’s America, which is a place in which we are discovering that every single one of us is being electronically scrutinized.


Just hours after the National Report, an online conservative newspaper, posted a story reporting on two stories about the legitimacy of the Obama electronic long-form birth certificate, the Department of Justice and the FBI Raided the National Report’s offices. The National Report staff believes that the two incidents are related, although the representatives of the DOJ and FBI refused to state their reason for appearing at the offices and collecting documents.

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The National Report bills itself as “America’s #1 Independent News Team.” Its orientation is conservative. On Friday, it posted an article that relays information found at other internet sites, including Mr. Conservative, about problems with President Obama’s long-form birth certificate. (Indeed, it cited Mr. Conservative on the subject.)

In its online article, the National Report repeated two indisputable factual points: (1) Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse has gone public with its conclusion that the long-firm birth certificate on the White House website is an electronic forgery, with top investigator Mike Zullo giving speeches about that point; and (2) the Alabama Supreme Court is set to hear an appeal from a lower court decision dismissing a challenge to Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

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Three hours after uploading its article about these challenges to the President’s long-form birth certificate, the National Report found representatives of the Department of Justice and the FBI banging on its door. According to the National Report’s own take on the story, dozens of FBI agents, carrying guns and wearing black jackets with “FBI” emblazoned on them in big letters, along with suit-clad representatives of the DOJ swarmed its offices.

The FBI agents demanded that the employees present lie down with their hands on their heads. Then, says the National Report, “After securing all employees FBI agents entered and began questioning employees and seizing files and other documents.” The agents apparently focused on the offices of Editor-in-Chief Nigel Covington and publisher Allen Montgomery.

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Covington was understandably upset, saying “This is a gross violation of our Constitutional rights as American citizens and as journalists. All our files relating to President Obama were seized with others including all employee personnel files.”

Montgomery contends that the FBI and DOJ conducted the raid without showing them a warrant. When asked for their authority to enter and search the offices, the FBI and DOJ officials said only that they were doing so under the Patriot Act.

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It will be interesting to see what further information becomes available about the raid on the National Report. Considering that the “Obama’s birth certificate” story simply recited publicly available facts about the Cold Case Posse and the Alabama Supreme Court case, it would be very disturbing if that story triggered the raid. And if it wasn’t the birth certificate story, one wonders what else could have been going on at a conservative online publication to bring about a full-fledged, armed FBI raid on a news outlet.


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