Thursday, June 27, 2013

Global Warming Propaganda's Last-Ditch Effort Week

Global Warming Propaganda’s Last-Ditch Effort Week
Written by Gary North on June 24, 2013

This week, President Obama is planning a speech on global warming, which
ceased 17 years ago. He plans to revive the obviously comatose movement, just as he planned to ram gun control legislation down Congress’s unwilling throat earlier this year.

As part of this campaign, he sent John Kerry to India, where Kerry scolded India for not doing more to impose restrictions on its economy. He assured Indian officials that what the world’s economy needs to get economic growth by means of a massive international government program to raise the cost of energy. Indian officials, being polite, ignored him.

Kerry then mentioned the recent devastating flooding in India, claiming that Mother Nature is trying to tell us ­ meaning India ­ something. The region has experienced such flooding for thousands of years, but Kerry thought he would score political points as an outsider by blaming the flooding on the Indian government’s unwillingness to pass the global warmers’ agenda of cutting economic growth in order to save the planet from a problem ­ global warming ­ when this warming ceased 17 years ago.

The campaign is visibly dead. It has been dead ever since late 2009. The global warming propaganda machine suffered a major defeat in November of 2009, when hackers stole thousands of emails and documents from Great Britain’s #1 global warming propaganda center. These documents showed that the people running the Climate Research Unit had pressured professional journals to get out their message and suppress rival views.

Then the hackers released the documents. That torpedoed the Great Leap Forward meeting in Copenhagen three weeks later. National leaders canceled their scheduled appearances at Copenhagen.

It was all over but the shouting. Global warming propaganda cooled. The movement stalled. The world shrugged, and nothing has gotten the machine back on track.

President Obama will find that Congress will do nothing to implement his plans. India will do the same: nothing.

The global warmers thought they could cover up their lack of evidence of any global warming by shifting the movement’s name to “climate change.” It hasn’t worked.

Nothing has worked. The Kyoto Treaty of 1992 has no teeth. The world’s political leaders are still dragging their feet on implementing it. The Copenhagen meeting was supposed to put teeth in Kyoto. What few teeth it had got knocked out by the hackers.

The USA never ratified the treaty. Canada did, but it pulled out in 2011. There is no enforcement mechanism.

Interest has cooled. John Kerry’s speech will not change this fact. Neither will Obama’s.

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