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How to opt out of the NSA's spying program




How to opt out of the NSA's spying program

by politisite

With all of the News reports about The NSA PRISM program, many computer and phone users are wondering if there is something one can do to reduce government intrusion without going completely black.

  This article we help you get started making your information more secure.


Nine leading U.S. companies have been scrutinized since a Washington Post report published last week claimed they were collaborating with the NSA program PRISM. The report implicates Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple with providing the U.S. government access to users emails, documents, audio and video chats, photos, documents, and connection logs.

While those companies scramble to recover from these accusations, issuing quick public statements denying the claims and reminding us how much they care about user privacy, another website has quickly emerged to inform users of alternatives to these services. At prism-break.org, self-described interface designer Peng Zhong has published a simple and easily navigable chart to show more private and secure alternatives to the services that were alleged to have cooperated with the government program.

The list is quite comprehensive, ranging from operating systems to ecommerce services to collaboration. Although some options, such as Ubuntu Linux and Bitcoin, are already widely known, the site brings to light many more privacy-focused services that a lot of users may not have been aware of.

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How to Opt-Out

Are you concerned about NSA's PRISM surveillance system? Here's a way to opt out of government monitoring online. It's easy!

Just use the PRISM Break guide and convert to alternative browsers, operating systems and programs in lieu of the many proprietary applications many of us have become so accustomed to using on a day to day basis.

For example, instead of Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet explorer use GNUzilla IceCatGNU version of FirefoxMozilla FirefoxOpen source browser or Tor Browser BundleEncrypted.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation have provided a comprehensive list of exactly what applications are being monitored by the NSA's PRISM program as well as a thoughtfully compiled list of alternatives if you're really adamant about protecting your privacy on the internet.

Via  - ANIMAL.


Operating system


Apple OS X


Google Chrome OS


Microsoft Windows

·          GNU/Linux Free, open source operating system.

·          Debian Popular ethical GNU/Linux distribution.

·          Fedora Fast, stable, powerful GNU/Linux distribution.

·          Tails Live CD/USB designed for privacy.

·          Trisquel FSF endorsed, user-friendly GNU/Linux distribution.

·          *BSD FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, PC-BSD.

Web browser


Apple Safari


Google Chrome


Microsoft Internet Explorer

·          GNUzilla IceCat GNU version of Firefox. add-torbutton

·          Mozilla Firefox Open source web browser. add-torbutton recommends non-free addons*

·          Tor Browser Bundle Encrypted, anonymous browsing.

Web browser plugins

·          HTTPS Everywhere Encrypts your communications thousands of websites.

·          Fix Tracking! Guide to stop getting tracked online.


·          Torbutton Tor plugin for IceCat and Firefox. advanced

Web search


Google Search


Microsoft Bing


Yahoo! Search

·          DuckDuckGo Anonymous, unlogged web searches. partly proprietary* usa-hosted

·          Seeks Project Open decentralized platform for collaborative search.

·          Startpage Private, unlogged web searches. proprietary*

·          YaCy Decentralized web search.

DNS provider


Google Public DNS

·          OpenNIC Project Total DNS neutrality.

·          Namecoin Decentralized DNS based on Bitcoin technology.


·          Freenet Decentralized censorship-resistant network.

·          I2P The invisible internet project.

·          Nightweb Anonymous I2P network for Android.

·          Syndie Distributed, anonymous forum software.

Online transactions




Google Wallet

·          Bitcoin P2P digital currency with no central authority.

·          Alternative cryptocurrencies List of alternative encrypted digital currencies.

Email services






Yahoo! Mail

·          Bitmessage Encrypted, decentralized email server. beta

·          RiseUp Secure and private email accounts. invite-only 

Read More http://prism-break.org/

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