Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Confess


                                I Confess


This is an open letter to President Obama, Attorney General Eric (With)Holder,

Janet Napolitano and their ilk. Also, this letter should be read by the FBI and

the Department of Homeland (In)Security also. I am certain your snoops and

snitches are aware of my musings and writings.


I confess. I am guilty.


First, I belong to a highly subversive band of miscreants. In fact I am a card

carrying member of a traitorous organization. We are guilty of opposing the Obama regime

and agenda. I am a Republican. No excuses offered. I am as guilty as sin.


Secondly, I am a life long Christian. I became a Christian at the tender age of eight.

I have been exposed to almost sixty years of Christian brain washing. During this

time period I erroneously learned to treat my human beings as I myself wished to be

treated. This fallacious teaching is called the Golden Rule. Also, I was indoctrinated

that lying, killing, raping, stealing and holding other human beings in slavery was

wrong. Janet Napalitano says to watch all Christians. They are terrorists waiting

to strike. After all Christian terrorism is the greatest danger to our world. Islam is

the religion of peace. Islamic adherents are being blown to smithereens everyday

by Christian suicide bombers. The most fanatical of which are clearly Episcopalians.


Thirdly, I am a veteran of eight years of military service. Upon joining I took an oath

to protect and uphold the U. S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and

domestic. Again, Ms. Napalitano says all veterans are suspect. After all, they have

had weapons training. Some of them even suffered post traumatic stress disorder

(PTSD) from the horrible battlefield conditions they suffered on our behalf. They are all unhinged

lunatics just waiting for a chance to unleash violence upon our society. To a man

and a woman they are not to be trusted under any circumstances.


Fourthly I am an ardent supporter of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I fervently

believe in the out dated concepts like freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, the press

and of religion. Why should we allow a 200 year old document like the Constitution

continue to hinder our nation. It is obsolete. People like me are standing in the

way of all knowing progressive intellectuals who wish to usher us into a utopian era governed

by Political Correctness and its handmaiden, Sharia Law. After all, we have all been

told repeatededly by Imam Rauf and Barak Hussein Obama that Sharia is superior

to our Constitution. Its adoption will introduce a golden age of Islamic enlightened



Last but not least I am a supporter of conservative causes (Are you listening IRS). I even

give money to Samaritan's Purse run by that arch terrorist Franklin Graham. Franklin,

just because the religion of peace bombed hospitals, schools, and churches in Sudan

and killed more than 2,000,000 black Sudanese Christians does not give you the right to say nasty

things about Islam. I also give my hard earned money to other conservative terrorist groups

masquerading as charities. Some of them are Act for America, Tennessee Freedom Coalition,

Christian Action Network, Christians United for Israel, the Salvation Army (a real bunch of bad

asses) and the New English Review.


Okay, guys I have confessed. You know where to find me. Bring you manacles and chains.

I will not resist you with violence. Come and get me. But remember there are millions of

equally guilty persons just like me. Where are you going to put us all?


In the end the truth will come out. And  your nefarious, odious regime will live forvever in

infamy in the annals of history.


The Scarlet Pimpernel  


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