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ISLAMIC ISSUES 13-174 "Today, al-Azhar is nothing except a name"

"Tell the truth; use their words."
General George Marshall to Frank Capra
in commissioning the "Why We Fight" series.

ZAKAT: A Warfare Funding Mechanism
The Influence of Islamic Law on Intelligence and Law Enforcement
Dogmatic Basis of Jihad and Martyrdom
Countering Political Islam
Sources and Patterns of Terrorism In Islamic Law

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    al-Azar is a center of gravity.


    That there is conflict and controversy concerning this center of gravity is an item of analytic interest and perhaps analytic importance.


    On the other hand, this could be simply rhetoric by the Shias against an age old adversary. 


     In either case, recommend we take note. It could be critical vulnerability or a strategic seam.


     ((It should be remembered that al-Azhar is still a power force.)) 




Egyptian Shia cleric: "Today, al-Azhar is nothing except a name"


Egyptian Shia cleric adopted a tough stance on Muslim Brotherhood and al-Azhar anti-Shia acts. 


 Egyptian Shia
                                  cleric: "Today, al-Azhar is
                                  nothing except a name"


(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Egyptian Shia cleric "Abdul Wali Nasr", who Has participated in the "Spring of Martyrdom" festival in Karbala, stated: "Today, al-Azhar is nothing except a name."


"Since al-Azhar was attacked by Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood, just a name, form and building remains of the school," he added in his speech.


"Imam Hussein (PBUH), is the key of Sacrifice, honor and decency and indeed he is like a rescue ship, as Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said: My Ahlul-Bayt are like the Ark of Noah. Whoever embarked in it was saved, and whoever turned away from it was perished." Abdul Wali Nasr added at the end.



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