Monday, June 3, 2013

Muslim scholars assert normalization with Israel is treason


Muslim scholars assert normalization with Israel is treason



Al Qassam website- Gaza- Muslim Scholars Association called on the Arab and Islamic nation to place names of those who call for normalization with Israel in the wanted list on charges of treason.

The Association said in a statement that the normalization is a direct recognition of the Israeli state, and leads to the loss of the holy sites and the violation of sanctities.

It pointed that some officials are seeking to prepare a delegation that will participate in a conference to be held in Turkey and aims to establish normalizing relations with the Israeli rabbis, and that the second part of the conference will take place in the 1948-occupied territories under Israel's auspices.

The Muslim Scholars Association slammed the move which will take place at a time when those rabbis are calling for desecrating Al-Aqsa Mosque and dividing it.

Its statement has also stressed that the Palestinian-Israeli futile negotiations which have lasted for 20 years had never served the Palestinian people, but rather facilitated the construction of settlements and paved the way for more Israeli violations.

The scholars asserted that: "The nation has unanimously agreed that normalization with the occupation and visiting the holy city under the occupation are taboo."

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