Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ottawa Muslims Call for Sharia-Based Restrictions on Freedom of Speech


This is in response to the visit of British attorney Gavin Boby, known as the 'Mosquebuster.' In other words, nobody should be allowed to enter Canada if they are going to say things that Muslims find offensive. CAIR-Canada, via email campaigns and TV appearances, tried to have Boby banned from entering Canada, but failed.

If you don't know Gavin Boby, click here: gavin-boby-nicknamed-the-mosquebuster-is-fighting-to-stop-the-expansion-of-mosques-in-the-uk

H/T Vlad Tepes



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Ottawa Muslims Call for Sharia-Based Restrictions on Freedom of Speech on June 22, 2013 by Baron Bodissey

"Everything has a limit… There is no such thing as unlimited free speech."

As most readers know, back in February Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundationvisited Ottawa to talk to interested Canadians about the need to stop the building of new mosques, and how to use legal means to accomplish that purpose. Gavin's appearance at the Ottawa Public Library provoked controversy before, during, and after his talk took place. CAIR-CAN tried to pressure the library to cancel the event, but failed.

Several weeks a later a group of Muslims gathered in the same room of the same library to give what they styled as a rebuttal of Gavin Boby. Their only significant proposals were that people like Gavin Boby not be allowed to speak out about Islam, and should be denied entry to Canada.

For more information on the context of this event, including links to the complete videos of the "rebuttal", visit Vlad's place..

Vlad Tepes has compiled some excerpts from that "rebuttal", and includes some of his own commentary:

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Ottawa Muslims demand an end to freedom of speech as a response to the visit by Gavin Boby

Posted on  by Eeyore

And they just cannot get over that turban-bomb drawing can they?

Gavin Boby AKA 'Mosquebusters' came to Ottawa Canada to give a speech at the request of ACT For Canada. Some weeks later, various Muslim groups gave a rebuttal of sorts in the same room at Ottawa's main branch of the Public Library.

I have excerpted a number of the calls to end freedom of speech as defined by Islamic sensitivities in this edit of their video of the speech.


If anyone wishes to see the entire videos that these excerpts were taken from to check context etc. Please do. The links are here:

Video 1

In Response to Gavin Boby's Anti Mosque Speech Part 1



Video 2

In Response to Gavin Boby's Anti-Mosque Speech - Part 2



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