Friday, June 28, 2013

Paris Museum Exhibition Celebrates Palestinian Suicide Terrorism


Please review this disgrace..The French not only do not protect their Jewish population and have Muslim enclaves where non-Muslims dare not enter...Now a Museum extols the Palestinian suicide bombers,  Cancel your reservations to France, boycott French products, spread the work. If you anticipate help from your government you are clueless.


Simon Wiesenthal Center Protests French Museum Exhibition Celebrating Palestinian Suicide Terrorism

June 27, 2013

The Simon Wiesenthal Center expressed outrage over a photo exhibition at Paris’ Jeu de Paume contemporary art museum called, Phantom Home: Death. The exhibition highlights 68 photos of Palestinian suicide bombers, which the museum labels “Freedom Fighters”, calling them, “Those who lost their lives fighting against the occupation”.



The Museum is visited by millions annually and is subsidized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communications.

The Death exhibit, on display until September 2013, not only honors Palestinian suicide bombers, but also compares them to French World War II, anti-Nazi resistance fighters.

Upon learning of the outrageous exhibition, the SWC took immediate action:

• SWC’s International Relations Director, Dr. Shimon Samuels (pictured above) toured and documented the Death exhibit warning, “The Jeu de Paume’s ode in praise of suicide terrorism serves a campaign to provoke future violence.”

• SWC denounced the exhibition in a Jerusalem Post op-ed: Himmler Meets Jihad in a Paris Art Museum

• SWC is one of the principal organizers of this Sunday’s June 30th demonstration outside the Jeu de Paume Museum, 1 Place de la Concorde at 3:00 pm.

A protest was delivered to UNESCO-based International Council of Museums President Hans-Martin Hinz, expressing outrage and demanding removal of the Death exhibit.

While touring the exhibit, Dr. Samuels also found:

• The exhibit’s introduction in the official museum catalogue describes captured Palestinian terrorists convicted in Israel as “Failed Suicide Martyrs”— who have yet to fulfill their unfinished mission of suicide.

Israeli Arab volunteers in the Israel Defense Forces are shown as confused or mentally coerced victims and collaborators serving Zionism against the Palestinian cause.

• Palestinian prisoners who signed commitments to desist from terrorism upon their release or exchange were found to be a sham.

If you will be in Paris this Sunday, June 30, or know someone who will, please attend the demonstration in front of Jeu de Paume Museum, 1 Place de la Concorde -3:00 pm

Please support the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s efforts in stopping this outrageous exhibition today

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