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SHARIA USA: Obama Navy Bans "Racy" Pin-Ups


June 14, 2013, - 10:28 am

SHARIA USA: Obama Navy Bans “Racy” Pin-Ups; Inspections to Examine Each Pin-Up to Decide if “Degrading, Offensive”

By Debbie Schlussel

Welcome to Barack Obama’s own government-imposed sharia, where all photos of sexy women are verboten and will be confiscated.

Although I oppose pornography, I thought it was absurd when President Bush’s military didn’t allow our soldiers to have Playboy magazines and pin-ups in the Middle East, to appease Muslims. But Barack Obama stepped it up several notches to ridiculous heights. In response to the shrill feminist cries about alleged sexual assaults in the military, the Obama Navy announced that it will ban pin-ups and examine each of such material in position of U.S. Naval personnel to make sure it doesn’t violate some nebulous, absurd standards. Even when those pin-ups are in military barracks. Again, I’m anti-pornography, but I’m libertarian in this area and this seems to go beyond that. Pics of women in bikinis and sexy poses appear to be off limits under this draconian, stupid move. They could be deemed “salacious” under this new Navy policy. So could photos of a woman in a mini-skirt or a low-cut top.


In Obama’s and Ray Mabus’ Navy, This Pic Might Be Seized for Being Hostile & Offensive

The Navy memo on this from Obama Navy Secretary Ray Mabus (who shoved women onto submarines) seems to indicate these, too, would be “prohibited” under a Big Brother Navy inspection, as they could be viewed as “degrading, hostile, or offensive,” none of which are defined. And, by the way, this applies not just to workplace areas, but to common areas of barracks and bachelor’s quarters. It’s beyond intrusive.

ALNAV [DS: ALNAV = All Navy] directs that the Under Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), and Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) perform a comprehensive visual inspection of all DON workplaces to ensure they are free from materials that create a degrading, hostile, or offensive work environment. . . . The inspections directed by this ALNAV aim to eliminate materials that create a degrading, hostile, or offensive work environment and to ensure a professional workplace for all DON personnel. . . .


Workplaces include but are not limited to . . . .Common areas of on-base military barracks and bachelor quarters, to include onbase Private-Public Venture (PPV) barracks. . . .

Degrading or offensive material includes, but is not limited to, documents, logs, books, pictures, photographs, calendars, posters, magazines, videos, props, displays, or other media, including electronic media, that contain inappropriate depictions and are detrimental to a professional working environment. . . . If there is doubt as to whether material is degrading or offensive, the individual conducting the inspection shall remove the material from the workplace to ensure a professional work environment.

Uh-huh. This is what we’re spending our Navy resources on these days. Priorities. Muslim extremists do this kind of stuff. Not fit fighting American military outfits. It’s like Al-Qaeda looking through caves to confiscate photos of Hamida’s sexy, hairy toe knuckle because it might be “degrading or offensive.”

Throughout American history, our military has had pin-ups, and it seems absurd that grown men–adults willing to give their lives for the First Amendment–are denied the right to possess these materials. You also have to wonder how the heck the Pentagon–which is cutting our military to the bone and beyond–has a Navy budget that will put up with this. Doesn’t our Navy have better things to do than waste time examining every Navy man’s pin-ups (you know they won’t examine anything the women in the Navy possess). The U.S. military used to be a place where men could be men, but now that we’ve forced women into every crevice of it, this is the natural, undesirable progression: a whole new Navy thought police. And, by the way, while they ban even a sexy bikini shot from some Navy guy’s cubicle wall, Playboy, Penthouse, and other porn magazines remain for sale at many bases. Talk about hypocrisy. More:

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has ordered a “comprehensive visual inspection” of all the service’s properties to remove salacious photos and other offensive items. A memo dated Thursday directs the chief of naval operations and commandant of the Marine Corps to ensure all Navy workplaces are “free from materials that create a degrading, hostile or offensive work environment.” All Navy sailors, Marines and civilians are subject to the inspections, which must be completed by June 28.

“All DoN personnel shall be treated with dignity and respect,” Mabus wrote in the order. “Fostering a command climate free of all forms of unlawful discrimination, including sexual harassment, is essential to maintaining high morale, good order, discipline and readiness.” The inspections will take place not just in personal workspaces but in all public areas such as storage rooms, break rooms, galleys and recreational areas. Possible infractions could include lewd or pornographic documents, logos, books, pictures, photographs, calendars, posters, magazines, videos props, displays or other media. . . .

Mabus said the inspections should repeat on an annual basis. Secretary Mabus’ order and the MIM report come on the heels of a string of measures and initiatives taken up in Congress and by the Defense Department to deal with the growing problem of sexual assault in the military.

Whether or not the sexual assault problem in the military is as big as they claim (and I have my doubts–the shriller the feminist outcry, the more exaggerated the claims), do they really think this will solve any of the alleged problems?

On the contrary, it will only exacerbate them and engender resentment by the men of the U.S. Navy whose liberties are further encroached in response to screaming women and liberals.

One reader writes:

The names of these laws and commissions is just like 1984. It has arrived, and as time passes on it will only be older people who will remember what America once was, and after that it will be a new Dark Ages, with isolated centers that hopefully will keep memories of our past civilization alive.

Amen to that.

Good luck, America. It was nice knowin’ ya.

And you Navy guys, be willing to give your lives for our country. But don’t you dare have a photo of a chick in a bikini!


Would the Navy find this photo, below, “offensive” and “hostile”? It is to many Navy men, but it’s all in the eyes of the (Obama) beholder:

I’m wondering if this Village People song is considered “degrading, hostile, and offensive” to gays, American Indians, police officers, construction workers, motorcycle riders, and Naval personnel. Would it be confiscated if it was on a Navy man’s iPod?

Village People - In the navy (version originale)


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