Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Fatally Flawed New Immigration Act by the Gang of 8

Responsible legislation is required to correct the broken Immigration system and deal with the presence of over 18+ million Illegal Immigrants residing in the United States, but the legislation should be enacted step by step, in a predictable easy to understand manner.  The $38 billion comprehensive 1200 page Senate Amnesty Bill being proposed is not an immigration reform measure at all, it is an “Amnesty First” bill, providing for amnesty in the form of legal status as Registered Provisional Immigrants (RPIs), and national security of the Republic is being seriously shredded.  No one has even read it and the irresponsible Senators are ready to pass it tomorrow; where have we heard this before----“It must be passed to see what is in it?”  This defective Amnesty Bill being proposed, “does not close the border at all”, is being proposed by the gang of 8, led by Senator Chuck Schumer, and it openly demonstrates the lack of concern the US Senators, who are voting for it, have for the National Security of the Republic.  The proposed bill actually WEAKENS the existing borders and the interior security of the Republic.  It will end arrests and deportation necessary to enforce statutes relevant to Illegal immigration; it will destroy the 238 year old Republic we know.  The 1200 page bill, that no one has read or even understands, is being rammed down the throats of American Citizens, and Senator Reid said it must be passed on tomorrow with only 10 of the 500 + amendments being proposed are being allowed to be considered—there is no need to rush this disastrous bill to a vote; Obama did the same thing to the Republic with his flawed Healthcare Bill and had Pelosi jam it down our throats—now Obama is having Reid jamming it down our throats—unfortunately 15 Republican Senators have been compromised by Schumer and Obama.   According to the Heritage Foundation, it will cost the bankrupt Republic $6.2 trillion to give amnesty to 11million Illegal Aliens, but we know there are many more possibly as many as 20 million, so the bill may be as high at $12 trillion. There is absolutely no reason to believe the broken promises made by US Senators for 27 years; first in 1986, then again in 1996, and now in 2013; they profess they are telling the American people the truth this time. Please read some of the below listed provisions of the flawed bill.


Once again a very large bill that weighs 25 pounds, a 1200 page bill that no one has read, is full of provisions that have nothing to do whatsoever with closing the border, fixing the broken immigration system, and has no provision in it to ever check whether the border will ever be closed; it is full of pork that has nothing to do with immigration (just like the flawed Obama Health Care Bill was full of pork that had nothing whatsoever to do with healthcare---how can the Republican Senators do this again to the American people?).  There is a $1.5 billion youth jobs program(spending more funds on that provision than on erecting the new border fence), it includes heavy expenditures for Senator Reid’s  Las Vegas tourism and casino promotion, provides funding for foreign workers for the Alaskan fishing industry, it rejects meaningful E-verify enforcement, the gang of 8 blocked a provision to give instant access to state and federal welfare benefits for Illegal Aliens, it provides a provision to fund the hiring of foreign snow board & skiing instructors, it gives the DHS Secretary the option to refuse to hire the promised 20,000 Border Patrolmen & to defer their hiring until 2021, there is a provision to give employers a $3000 incentive to employ “Illegal Aliens” who will not have to be covered by the Obamacare Health Bill & no such incentive to employ unemployed Veterans is in the measure, there is a provision not to arrest and remove 400,000 criminal Illegal Aliens who are  fugitives from justice with felony warrants (instead they will have their criminal records wiped clean and they will be processed as US citizens), Janet Napolitano is given the authority to veto the promised 700 mile border fence again the same fence Americans were assured would be built in 1986, 1996, 2011, and now; there are so many other provisions to keep the border wide open that are being hidden from the American people.  Obama has worked his will again to the shame of the Republicans Senators who voted for it.


This flawed Immigration Bill is another attempt to give AMNESTY “IMMEDIATELY” to 18+ million Illegal aliens LONG BEFORE BORDER SECURITY IS EVERY ENHANCED---THE BILL “DOES NOT” CLOSE THE BORDER AT ALL---every amendment that was proposed by Republican Senators to seal the border and verify it has been sealed has been voted down by the “Gang of 8” led by Senator Schumer or actually the “Gang of 9”, and the 9th member is Obama “---nothing is being done unless Obama first approves it).  The proposed bill is destroying the stability of the Republic and the rule of law, and the 4 Democratic Senators are clearing all their negotiations with Obama before they meet with the 4 Republicans on the pending legislation by going to Room 201 located in the Senate.  The New York Times describes Room 201 in the US Senate, as a hidden War Room operating inside of Congress, where Obama staffers determine what is acceptable to Obama and what isn’t acceptable to him in this new flawed Bill---it isn’t even an immigration Bill it is license to provide pork to Senators.   Reid is insisting the bill be passed on June 28th, before the American people catch on, and refusing to allow any of the 500 amendments being proposed to the flawed Immigration Bill to even be considered. President Reagan once said “trust but verify”------there is absolutely no provision in the bill to verify the border has been closed, the broken immigration system has been fixed, that the 700 mile fence will be built, that the 20,000 new Border patrol agents will be hired, or that the 400,000 Illegal aliens with felony warrants will be tracked down and prosecuted.    The American people will be right back in the same position in 2020 considering Amnesty for 20 million new Illegal Aliens.


In 1986, an Amnesty Bill was crafted by then Congressman Chuck Schumer for 1.2 million Illegal Aliens, he assured the Reagan administration and the American people that the border would be secured to prevent further incursions by Illegal Aliens; 2.7 million Illegal Aliens were ultimately given amnesty not 1.2 million Illegal Aliens---27 years later the southern border is still wide open with supposedly 11 million Illegal Aliens (we know the number exceeds 18 million and is closer to 24 million).  Now comes Senator Chuck Schumer again, 27 years later, who has moved from the House to the Senate, crafting another misleading Amnesty Bill where he again is assuring the American people that the border would be secured to prevent further incursions by Illegal Aliens once those in the country are given Amnesty.  After 11 million Illegal Aliens are given amnesty (the real number far exceeds 18 million Illegal aliens) the border will not be closed.  Schumer continues to lie as he tries to pack the nation with Illegal aliens who will vote Democrat, and they will be permitted to bring in 4 of their unskilled relatives, giving the American people 75 to 80 million new unskilled workers who will break the back of the welfare system in the Republic, bankrupt the country, and prevent the Republican party from ever winning a presidential election again.   How stupid can we be?


Two years ago Congress said they would erect a border fence; they again proved they are untrustworthy. The American people can’t believe or trust the Democrats in Congress and the naive Republican Senators are being led by the nose with a promise of solving the Immigration problem.  Unless there is a tamper proof Federal ID Card issued to each Illegal Alien, requiring that they provide fingerprints, a photo and an address that they must show upon request, the entire operation will fail and $6 trillion dollars will have been expended foolishly.  Here are some of the flaws in the bill that must be corrected before it can be passed, and we encourage you to call your Senator to demand they correct the bill before they vote for it because it:


(1)    does not provide for tamper proof Federal ID cards to keep track of illegal aliens

(2)    does not have any provision to arrest and remove 400,000 criminal Illegal Aliens who are  fugitives from justice with felony warrants

(3)    does not deal with the inability of the federal government’s bureaucracy  to process 18+ million Illegal aliens when the federal government hasn’t even been able to process 900,000 Veterans disability claims over a 4 year period

(4)    does nothing to make Universities report (which should be under threat of felony criminal charges) the names and locations of the hundreds of thousands foreign students like the terrorists who were involved in the Boston bombing who no longer attend college classes

(5)    does nothing to provide a means to cover the $6 trillion cost of the flawed 884 page Act according to research by the Heritage Foundation (the Senate Bill intentionally misled the American people by saying it would cost $22.5 billion)

(6)    doesn’t cover the cost because the Senate bill provides for charging each of the 18+ million illegal aliens $500.00 when the real cost per illegal is $335,000.00

(7)    intentionally misleads the American people by saying the Act would not be enacted until the border was secured when there is no provision to guarantee the border is secure after 29 years of failed promise (THE ONLY ORGANIZATION THAT CAN BE TRUSTED TO VERIFY THE BORDER HAS BEEN CLOSED IS THE ICE UNION)

(8)    flagrantly discriminates against nearly 4 million unemployed Veterans by giving employers a $3000 tax credit for employing illegal aliens and relieves them from having to cover illegal aliens under the Obama Health Care law without giving those same benefits to unemployed US citizens

(9)    does absolutely nothing to locate the many terrorists in the US among the 18+ million illegal aliens like the Chechen terrorists, the Times Square bomber, the first World Trade Union bombers in 1993, and Major Hassan who had all been affected by the Islam jihadists outreach program underway in the US by remaining under the radar scope of CIA and the FBI’s Watch Lists (the requirement in the Act for a tamper proof Federal ID card requiring fingerprints would help locate those terrorist suspects)

(10)does not provide provisions to prevent 80 million unskilled relatives of the 18+ million illegal aliens form coming into the US which would destroy the fragile US Welfare system & bankrupt the Republic

(11)does not have a provision to deport anyone who fails in their application (Mohammed Salameh who applied for amnesty in 1984 but was turned down was a co-conspirator in the in the first World Trade Center attack in 1993)

(12)does not provide annual quotas to process applicants so the crush of applicants won’t bring the process to a full stop, and does not have provisions in it to do a thorough background investigation of applicant from high threat countries/regions. 

We encourage you to call your Senators and ask them to oppose this bill until the above listed provisions are corrected.   Sarah Palin’s opposition to the flawed Immigration Bill are listed below


Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt            USN (Ret)

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108

Fax: (619) 220-0190


Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”-Isaiah 6:8


Just like they did with Obamacare, some in Congress intend to "Pelosi" the amnesty bill. They'll pass it in order to find out what's in it.


And just like the unpopular, unaffordable Obamacare disaster, this pandering, rewarding-the-rule-breakers, still-no-border-security, special-interests-ridden, 24-lb disaster of a bill is not supported by informed Americans.


I am an ardent supporter of legal immigration. I'm proud that our country is so desirable that it has been a melting pot making a diverse people united as the most exceptional nation on earth for over two centuries. But I join every American with an ounce of common sense insisting that any discussion about immigration must center on a secure border.


The amnesty bill before the Senate is completely toothless on border security.


It's beyond disingenuous for anyone to claim that a vote for this bill is a vote for border security. Look no further than the fact that Senator Rubio and amnesty supporters nixed Senator Thune's amendment that required the feds to finally build part of a needed security fence before moving forward on the status of illegal immigrants who've already broken the law to be here.


And if shooting down the border fence wasn't proof enough, they blew another chance by killing Senator Paul's "Trust But Verify" amendment which required the completion of a fence in five years and required Congress to vote on whether the border is actually secure before furthering any immigration measures.


And then they blew it yet again, nixing Senator Cornyn's "Results" amendment, which also required border enforcement standards. Now the Senate's pro-amnesty crowd is offering a fig leaf to security via the Corker-Hoeven Amendment, but this is really nothing more than empty promises.


It's amnesty right now and border security... eh, well, someday.


If this bill was genuinely concerned with border security, it might include practical solutions for those states that live with the problem every single day. Pass-through grants could be given to border states to actually build a fence. The most responsive and responsible level of government is the most local, and since governors accept pass-throughs all the time, this is a workable solution.


We could also free up more federal lands along the border to be privatized. The farmers and ranchers would have a clear incentive to keep their private property secure from the flow of illegal immigrants and/or other illegal activities trafficked across the border onto land they'd cultivate.


There are plenty of other commonsense solutions, but this bill isn't about fixing problems; it's about amnesty at all costs.


When every commonsense, concrete, and verifiable measure to secure the border is stripped away, despite politicians' promises, what are we supposed to rely on to ensure that our currently unsecured border will be fixed in the future?


If D.C. expects us to just sit back and "trust" them despite our permanent political class and Washington bureaucrats proving themselves so very untrustworthy, then I have a bridge to somewhere in Alaska to sell them. Our government is awash in one scandal after another involving blatant lies and violations of our basic liberties, and the leader of the pack ventures out on one road trip after another to avoid accountability.


Just like they did for Obamacare, the permanent political class is sugaring this bill with one goody after another to entice certain senators to vote for it.


Look no further than page 983 of the bill, which contains a special visa exemption for foreign seafood workers in the 49th state despite huge unemployment numbers in the American workforce. This is obviously a hidden favor designed to buy the votes of Alaska Senators Murkowski and Bergich.


And just like Obamacare, this amnesty bill fails on every level of economic sanity and sane reform. It offers no solutions. It will barely slow the flow of illegal immigration, which means we can expect millions and millions of new illegal aliens in coming years. Sort of what happened when we passed amnesty in 1986 without securing our borders first.


According to the CBO, the bill won't stop illegal immigration, but it will drive down wages for average hardworking Americans. These would be the same blue-collar working class voters of every ethnicity who chose to sit home in 2012 instead of turning out to vote in the swing states we needed to carry in order to stop Barack Obama's promised "fundamental transformation" of America.


I note this just as a helpful reminder to those who believe the hyperventilated new hype claiming that conservatives need to support this bill in order to win future elections. That's 100% wrong.


The crony capitalists in D.C. and their corporatist friends on Wall Street might think this amnesty boondoggle is a great idea, but the average American worker in our middle class who'll soon see lower wages is the one left out in the cold, along with those hard working immigrants who followed the rules and are working here legally.


Passing this bill with an unsecured border and within a growing welfare state under Barack Obama is economic insanity.


Have people already forgotten that our bankrupt government is running up massive unsustainable deficits every year? We can't afford to pay the piper now, much less the trillions of dollars more in welfare and entitlements for the millions who are here illegally today that will be granted this bill's benefits.


According to the Heritage Foundation, the bill provides only a temporary delay in granting illegal immigrants eligibility for all U.S. welfare and entitlement programs. We're looking at an explosion of costs in the very near future. There is no way to pay for the added untold millions of new enrollees in these growing government programs. Pass this, Congress, and Obama will have succeeded in fundamentally transforming America.


Again, I am supportive of legal immigration and am as sympathetic as the next person to the aspirations of people who come here to work hard and live a better life than the poverty and unfree environments they left behind. So many are drawn here because we are an exceptional nation where freedom provides an equal opportunity for everyone to work hard and make something of themselves.


But a key part of American Exceptionalism is the rule of law. Border security is fundamental to the rule of law, as is incentivizing those who follow the legal path to citizenship instead of punishing them by promoting lawbreakers. This is non-negotiable.


It's time our lawmakers remember that we are a sovereign nation of laws. This bill ignores that, and ignores the will of the people. The continued porous border goes against what politicians assured us was in this mountain-high bill, and in typical D.C. style it flies in the face of what many politicians campaigned on. I heard their campaign promises. You heard them, too.


It's time for concerned Americans to flood our legislators' phone lines with the input they need to hear from We the People. Join the mama grizzlies who are rearing up tirelessly to swat away false claims that amnesty is a good thing. Michelle Malkin rightly said the issue is not secure the border first, it's "secure the border. Period." Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter have also offered superb warnings on amnesty's economic impacts to the middle class.


As the Senate moves to pass amnesty, the only bright spot in this travesty is the rallying revolution we can look forward to. For just as opposition to Obamacare became a rallying cry for the 2010 midterm elections, opposition to this fundamentally transforming amnesty bill will galvanize the grassroots in next year's elections. And 2014 is just around the corner.


-- Sarah Palin    




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