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Upcoming U.N. Amb. Samantha Power: 10 Reasons Why She’s the Most Dangerous Woman


Meet Upcoming U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power: 10 Reasons Why She's the Most Dangerous Woman in the World

 June 5, 2013 by Ann-Marie Murrell

  1. She hates Israel, passionately.  (For sources and links, simply Google or Bing-search her name…)
  2. She is soon to be our next U.N. Ambassador
  3. She is the wife of Cass Sunstein, Obama's favorite regulatory czar
  4. She used to work George Soros' 'think tank' ICG (International Crisis Group)
  5. She was re-hired in 2009 as Obama's Special Assistant to President Barack Obama and Senior Director of Multilateral Affairs on the Staff of the National Security Council.
  6. She is the "mind" behind President Obama's current policy of  Responsibility to Protect, which drove him to the "kinetic military action" [war] in Libya
  7. She said the following statement, regarding the 'interrogation' she was given by Obama, who was trying to convince her to work for him: "He really pushed me. Barack is incredibly empirical and non-ideological. He's very aware of the tectonic plate shifts in the global order – the rise of China, the resurgence of Russia, the loss of influence by the US — and how those affect your ability to get what you want, on anything from global warming to getting out of Iraq to stopping genocide. I thought, if you're interested in helping change the world in your small way, grandiose as that sounds, even if I was just answering his phones, I would have more impact than writing these big books that I put out ever half decade or so."
  8. She gave the following response to a 2002 interview with Harry Kreisler, Dir. of the Institute for International Studies at Berkeley:  "Without addressing the Palestine – Israel problem, let's say you were an advisor to the President of the United States, how would you respond to current events there? Would you advise him to put a structure in place to monitor that situation, at least if one party or another [starts] looking like they might be moving toward genocide?  Alienate the American Jewish community, and indeed all Americans, such as evangelical Christians, who support the state of Israel, because Israeli leaders are destroying the lives of their own people."
  9. And in the same interview she said the United States should "pour billions of dollars of the taxpayers money into the new state of Palestine."
  10. And despite calling the U.S. involvement in Iraq 'the height of arrogance and foolishness,' she considers staging an American ground invasion of Israel and the Palestinian territories not only viable but necessary. "I actually think in the Palestine/Israel situation, there's an abundance of information.  What we don't need is some kind of early warning mechanism there, what we need is a willingness to put something on the line in helping the situation.  Putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import..more..sacrificing—or investing, I think, more than sacrificing—billions of dollars, not in serving Israel's military, but actually investing in the new state of Palestine, in investing the billions of dollars it would probably take, also, to support what will have to be a mammoth protection force, not of the old Rwanda kind, but a meaningful military presence.  Because it seems to me at this have to go in as if you're serious, you have to put something on the line."

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