Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Is it "Islamophobic" to blame Islam for Islamic terrorism?





Is it “Islamophobic” to blame Islam for Islamic terrorism?

by BareNakedIslam

Oh, BOO HOO…Muslims feel “scapegoated” by Britain’s anti-(Muslim) terror campaign called ‘Prevent’ and apparently, this RT reporter ‘feels their pain.’ How nice to see a Muslim apologist standing up for the same people who would kill her in a heartbeat.”

The UK has wasted tens of millions of dollars on the ‘Prevent’ program aimed at stopping Muslims in the country from falling under the influence of radicals, especially in mosques. It’s supposed to serve as a counter-terrorism strategy but Muslims claim it is blatant discrimination by authorities.

Many in the Muslim community feel they are being picked on just because they are Muslims. (Oh, noes! How dare they link Muslim terrorism to Muslims?) Comment after comment from powerful politicians, columnists and other opinion leaders have for years concluded that Muslims are indeed a problem. The Muslim ‘community’ is at a loss to understand why it is being scapegoated for the abhorrent actions of a few. (A ‘few?’  It isn’t Muslim terrorism that’s the problem, it’s Muslim behavior)



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